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Refurbishing on good terms

I have been going through many different personal problems. . . my boyfriend and I of eight years decided to go our own ways. We just grew apart and wanted two different things. I hope he finds what and who he is looking for and is happy. . . I am genuine in my message. We have still decided to be friends.

I am also working on a short horror story for an anthology next year.

I have so far only finished 10 out of 25 flash fiction prompts. . . I know I wanted to finish them by the 15th, but I think I will try to give to the 20th. . . Which gives me about seven days to finish 15 prompts. . . you can read them and see the pictures (which I found from the Internet.) on my other blog. . . .
The current theme is Loki (from the Thor and Avenger movies).

BeFunky Collageloki3 BeFunky Collagelokiserious BeFunky Collageloki4
Next theme is Supernatural (the show and horror theme) Hopefully from Sept 20th to Oct 31st.

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I am not sure about NaNoWriMo this year. . . I am in the process of moving.


Next Writing Challenge

Loki 25 Prompt Challenge August 14th to Sept 15th.

The stories will be posted on my personal blog

BeFunky Collageloki3

1. #This Pleases Loki
2. What is the story behind the smile
3. Tell the story in the picture
4. Loki’s sexy pout makes all of the fangirls go crazy (what makes him so irresistible?)
5. “I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burden with a glorious purpose.”
6. when the villain has more fangirls than the hero . . .
7. “So you saw The Avengers, I was adorable, right?”
8. Why is he worthy of Mjolnir?
9. Prisoner of Loki
10. Loki “Let me love you”
11. Loki: The Wicked World (What happens in it?)
12. You were made to be ruled in the end: You always kneel
13. Never has evil been green-eyed, gentle, and defenseless
14. When I go wrong?
15. “What happened to you in Valhalla?” Odin questioned (Tumblr)
16. “Art thou ready for sex?” Loki asked. . .
17. Story behind the picture
18. Story behind the picture
19. Write Loki’s first memory
20. Story behind the picture
21. Story behind the picture
22. Loki turns into a hero
23. Bondage scene (he is tied up)
24. Loki with his daughter telling a story
25. Write a story between Thor and baby brother

BeFunky Collageloki4

I have had writer’s block, so these will not be done in order, but I will mark down which prompt I am doing and each will have a picture. I may post more than one per day, and there may be more than one day in between posts. I will Link them together when I am finished.

BeFunky Collagelokiserious

(I know I have one more day of my 14 day challenge and I hope to finish and post it soon.)


First Seven Link of my 14 Day Writing Challenge

Links to the first seven days of my 14 day Writing challenge. . .


Day 1 Autobiography

Day 2 Fanfiction Supernatural meet Thor and Loki

Day 3 Reviews

Day 4 Rant

Day 5 Letter Writing Part 1

Day 6 Feelings

Day 7 Poem

The blog link is

I also have Day 8 posted on there. I have a health issue and now I am three days behind, but I plan to post them as soon as I can.


Dark Confessions: Child of the Night

This was a writing challenge I wrote in 2008.

Dark Confessions: Child of the Night

Rebekah Wolveire © 2008-20014

“Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been. . .”

“Well, father maybe I should back up, and explain myself before I confess my sins and how long it’s been since I’ve confessed. When I was 25, I met a beautiful woman one night. She was stunning in her tight black dress, and I was very horny. We made our rounds, and then during mid climax, she bit me. I passed out and when I awoke she was gone.” He sighs.

“The next day food had no taste, and I was horribly thirsty. Water did nothing for me, and wine only got me smashed. I figure that she changed me into what I call a child of the night as I hate the sunlight. I crave a certain type of liquid that is warm, and it goes down like velvet on my tongue. The warmer it is the smoother and sweeter it tastes.” He licks his lips.

“Let me tell you father with this lifestyle, I am prone to sinning. I sin everyday. I have sinned so much I have broken all of the ten commandments, several times over. I have stolen things. I’ve had sex with women with no notation of ever marrying them. I have had sex with my neighbor’s wives. I’ve disobeyed my parents. I have even cursed god for what I am. Of course, I have killed as it is apart of what I am. I am killer, but I am no more of a killer than your local butcher. I have killed men, women, and children, but it to keep me alive. Is that what this world is, the survival of the fittest, right?” He laughs.

“I confess I love blood, especially type A/B. It is the most rare, and the sweetest. It drives me crazy when I hear the human heartbeat as it is tells me the truth . . . that mortals are made of blood, bone, and flesh. It is the sound of life. Bum. . . Bum. . . Bum!” He could hear the father’s heartbeat.

“You know I feel better now that I have confessed. However Father I am confessing that I am sorry for what I am about to do now.” The beating was driving him crazy.

Then he rips the screen open and bites on the neck of the priest. This happened so fast the priest couldn’t even scream out for help. Within minutes the priest is drained of his blood. The child of the night stood up looking at the lifeless body.

“As I was saying, ‘Bless me father for it’s been 2 minutes since my last confession.'”