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Okay, I need to be working on my novel right however I am cold, and I started my day choking on my hot tea and giving my computer a shower. It’s OK, I cleaned it off, and it seems to be working.

I’m currently about six thousand words behind give or take. We had a busy weekend with friends that was expected and unplanned, but for what it was worth, I enjoyed it. ( but the spicy dip that is still upsetting the balance in my stomach.)

The first three years, I breezed by this challenge, but the last two years, I have struggled tooth and nail to get words out. Last year no one would leave me alone long enough, I had to do most of my work between one am to five am so just I had at least one hour of my own time. This year I am having a hard time getting my character to tell my muses his story. (Everyone has a story worth telling. . . I mean after the second chapter he is a vampire. I don’t care if he goes on and on how he hates being a vampire, I just wish he would help my muses.)

I wrote this on November 15th, 2014
Me: Has he (MMC) started to talk yet?
Muse 1: No. He’s won’t tell us his story.
Muse 2: He’s been silent.
Muse 1: Damn, I just said that. Grrrr.
Muse 2: Sorry.
Me: Muses, please have you done anything to make him talk?
Muse 1: We tried to the bribery.
Muse 2: You know talking about possible fame and getting a percentage of the movie.
Muse 1: It was a no go.
Muse 2: I would have told my story for a percentage of my own movie.
Muse 1: What would that be of you writing someone’s story? (Laughs.)
Me: (Clears my throat): Have you used other ways to make him talk?
(Muses chase MMC around with power tools. I just shake my head. It look like this story does not want to be written just yet.)
Just like they said in How I Met Your Mother. . . “Nothing good happens after 2am.” Well 2am and I have been having this argument with my MMC and my muses for days.

I’m also helping my fiancĂ© with a few of the short stories he is working on for NaNoWriMo. . . he has been linking them together as well.

My goal today is to at least three to four thousand words written today. . . at this point I don’t care if it is my story, or the stories I am helping him with. I would just feel more comfortable if I was caught up.

I also know that I need to rewrite and finish editing Melzela Book one of my Vampire series Crimson Shadow Collection. I wanted to have it release on Amazon Kindle by Dec 13th my birthday.

I got several stories outlined and my to-do list written this morning and that was before breakfast. I just want to get as much done before 4pm . . . because I always get sleepy then.

I have a small group of very determined writers who I do sprints with. . . they really any awesome support. It just seems like this year since NaNoWriMo pinned their constant schedule that it just seems there are more complaining and/or research threads. . . I have been a little worried, because the amount of encouraging threats just have not be high enough this year. . .

It is day 18. . .

for my fellow writers who have hit the FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS. . . Dance, Party, throws confetti!

For those who are just getting there. . . just take it one step at a time. . . you can do 1667 each day. . . you can do it! You have just twelve more days! You will reach the FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS. . . YOU CAN DO IT!

For those who are behind (whether it’s one word or fifty thousand. . . there is over a week. I have seen people pull off fifty thousand words in a day. . . just get some coffee, tea, soda, a small, snack, some good tunes, and your muses. You sit in front of the screen and type what your muses and characters tell you. YOU CAN DO IT! I will see you at the finish line.

This Week Goals. . .

I wanted to get up forty thousand or higher by Saturday afternoon, I know that this next weekend is supposed to be as busy as last weekend.

I want Melzela to be edited and ready to format by next week.

I want both stories I am help my fiancé write finished by November 25th.

I want a good chunk of Book 2 written by November 30th.

I want at least fifty thousand words written by November 30th.

Pom-Poms You Can Do It. . . Finish NaNoWriMo

Okay, I should be writing my novel. I should be prepping for dinner (Orange Chicken). . . However I am sitting at my computer with a can of Pepsi.

I have been seeing and others have been seeing that there hasn’t been a lot of encouragement for NaNoWriMo this year. Well. . . that is going to stop now. . .

If you are working on NaNoWriMo or a Novel Or a story or even a paper. . . you will finish it, and after you tweak it a few billion times. . . it will be freakin’ outstanding. . .

For those who are behind in their word count (me included). . . we will do this, we will get to pass the finish line before midnight of November 30th, 2014 . . .

We will write our hearts out and type our fingertips away. . . there may be injuries, but we will type through them and were our war scars proudly. (It’s Veteran’s day, so I was inspired.)

Give yourself daily and weekly goals, and take time to celebrate each goal.*

However if you are distracted from Internet then turn your internet connection and use a kitchen timer and give yourself sprints. . . The races of words for NaNoWriMo is of yourself. Do not get discourage when you see other post that they have 10,287 or 15,983 or 49,999 or that they are on their second project. . . just press the like button and move on. You will get there too.

My favorite if your character and muse are arguing about a part of the book. . . then just work on a different part. . . I had to do this already.

Biggest part of this is to HAVE FUN!!!!!!

* I have facebook games that I play, and treats for my goals, but this is my ultimate goal. . . I get to take her home once I finish writing 50,000 words and I buy her a litter box, food dish, and toys. We named her MoMo


Yesterday and Today. . . NaNoWriMo So far.

Okay so far November has not gone as planned. . .

This was my plan for Halloween. . . do errands, pay rent, get extras (soap, candy, NaNoWriMo stuff etc.)

However we slept in and everything was off, so now I get to do all of those errands on Monday.

I did get to have lunch with a few good friends and the really cute, tiny mummy and pirate. (My friend’s twin boys that are three months old.)

NaNoWriMo so far. . . eh.

I was so excited, and I have been fighting a head cold (everyone is sick here.) and I have been easily distracted.

Okay, I have all these notes, outlines, and timelines for book 2 of my vampire series.

Actually the part I am working on for the three day (hopefully) is a tying piece from my first book, so it’s not just right a note and sprint. I have to reread the last chapter of the first book, (which I am still tweaking).

I have been fighting sickness, and read and reread what I had written, and all yesterday afternoon all I could get was 1026 words. I guess that was 1026 word than I had before. . . right?

Then I was stressed out over the issue with posting my word count. . . NaNoWriMo site kept giving me an error.

To-do List of what I need done today. . .

  • I need 2222 words written to catch up on NaNoWriMo.
  • Try to add an 1000 words (Monday will not have much time). 3222. . .
  • Reorganize Tom’s story that is in pieces
  • Edit what I can of book 1
  • Make a Monthly Menu
  • Make a grocery list
  • Make dinner
  • Go Shopping (Small list)
  • get some sleep