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Walk Out

I will admit as a writer, there are moments where I would like to drink or do drugs. (God knows I have taken a few aspirins for headaches.) I just don’t think that it is right as an interviewer to push it (as it I mean the past) onto other writers, artists, and actors.

I am a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr. I loved him in the “Pick Up Artist” and “Wonder Boys.” I adore him as Iron Man. I know he has a shady past, but I believe that these movies and his family (or at least I hope so) have made him a better person. I would like to think that even actors can have some moment of privacy or least to let the past be in the past.

I think this interviewer used the movie simply to make a blow at the negative things Robert Downey Jr. said and did. . . they are said and done. . . we have all over on . . . why hasn’t this guy?

If you call to promote the movie, then promote the movie. . . don’t bash his past.

He walked out on his interview, and I would have done the same thing.


Anyone have Fantasy story that they wanted published?

Have a fantasy novelette (8,000 to 20,000 words) that would you like published?

Daniel Thomas Hall is putting a fantasy anthology together. He is seeking stories that in genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror (supernatural/suspense). Stories must be no less then 8,000 words, but no more than 20,000 words.

Anthology of Fantasy of Novelettes called Tales from the Inner Realms

This is for writer’s to simply get their names out there and to be published. He is using for paperback copies which will published through and barnes and There is possible talk of making this an e-book through kindle.

Questions please email with the subject line Anthology questions.

E-mail entries to  with the subject line Anthology Entry.

Entries must be singled space and saved as a .doc file. (Please have the piece edited ahead of time).

No one more than three entries per author (Not all three entries may be selected depending on the number of authors we get.)

All entries must be in by 11:59pm (EST) June 15th, 2015.

In your e-mail please include
1. Story title
2. Author Name
3. Rating:
(G, general audience, PG, Parental guidance (Foul language) or PG-13 (medium violence), Using the movie rating system because I cannot find one for books.)
4. Any extra writing note (optional) What inspired the story? An extra note about the plot or character etc. It’s something extra that you want the reader to know, no more than 300 words. (Stephen King does in Everything Eventual; he does this at the beginning of the stories) We will post any story notes at the end of our stories to save the the readers on spoilers.
5. Small Author Bio Location of the author, family or friends that helped or inspired, when did yo start writing, and why? (You don’t have to add all of this, but this time to talk about you and promote your other work.) Add links and blogs here. (No more that 750 words)

Updates. . . Eh

I am so far behind with my CampNaNoWriMo project where I was supposed to write an average of 1k of word per day and now I need just under 1.3k of words per day. I’ve had issues with the person who inspires the project in the first place, but this is not the right blog for that drama.

I will still working on review for Alibi  TrinityVampire83  has 18 chapters up so far. . . if you enjoy Tony Stark, you would enjoy that. Also review her story. . . show the writers love.


I will be posting three more stories on my account (Thor/Loki/Jane Fanfiction) and then putting it on the back burner for a while.


On Another note: My boyfriend Tom enjoy Marvel Thor roleplay. He plays thor and he is looking for Loki. (His e-mail address is at the bottom.)

Fandoms I’m in: Marvel: I want to play Thor and I am looking for a Loki. (I want brotherly roleplay with the probably of Thorki)

Paragraph or dialog form?: I like action in Astrix. And dialog as is. If you must go out of character then you must write it in parenthesis. For example: *Thor picked up his hammer.* You are going down, Stark. (I will be right back, dinner.)

Grammar/Line requirements: I need to understand what is going on, but I understand that everyone is not prefect with grammar or spelling. I would like ideas in complete sentences. I would like more than just one line responses, please. I also would prefer to keep all response within 10 lines.

Short-term or long term?: I do not have a time limit, but if you need to stop, please let me know.

Genres I roleplay: Fantasy, Action, Drama, Bromance (That can be changed based on Loki’s magic)

My ships: Loki, Thor, Thorki (other characters can be added as necessary, I can also play Stark.)

I cannot: I am not sure what to put here, but I would appreciate to keep communication open in case something comes up.

As my partner, a person would have to: They have to be intelligent (witty) and sarcastic. They need to have a good sense of humor. I would like to be friend them and chat with them outside of rp, but that is not a necessity.

Extra details: I am not strictly going with the comics or the movies, but I am loosely bases the characters from those. I like to go on my own story-line, agreed with my rp partner. Loki can be male or female or both. Loki could use magic and switches Thor’s form. . . I want to keep the story-line open to all possibilities.

Please contact: Please write in subject line:Thor Loki Roleplay (I have Skype, facebook, and other sites, and I will share those site with those who e-mail me.)

Questionnaire borrowed from:

Date A Girl Who Writes

I love lists.

What is going on. . . .

I am sitting here writing this and playing Candy Crush Soda Saga. . . I have a to-do so long that it full page, and I am just motivated.

I am about two half days behind in CampNaNoWriMo. . . I was looking for job yesterday and it wore me out. I went to bed at 11:30, and woke up today at 11. I plan to catch up over the weekend.

Without giving any spoilers. . . Abili is Marvel (Avenger) fan-fiction written by TrinityVampire83 . . . It is written in the point of view of Tony Stark AKA Iron Man.

This is my favorite chapter so far. I enjoy the back and forth with Stark and Banner. She shows superhero or not, guys will be guys.

A few of my favorite lines. . .
“Spangles was all duty and honor, blahdy, blah.”

“’There’s an open bar.’ Bruce chimed in a sing song voice. Now he was speaking my language.”

Check out my Fanfiction page as well

I plan to post more stories this weekend.

Happy Easter fellow Writers and Readers