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Pick the title for my first Novella.

The Novella series is called Driving Lies. Image
This novella series is about a man who messes with cars so people would get into accidents. He kills several people in the series: four in book one. Book one takes place in the year 1993. (I started book two in high school in 1998 which takes place five years later.)

Driving Lies: Expedited Treason

Driving Lies: Accelerated Betrayal

Driving Lies: Velocious Damage

Driving Lies: Broken Trust

Driving Lies: Double-Dealing

Driving Lies: Double-Crossing

Driving Lies: Car Crash

Driving Lies: Crashed

Driving Lies: 1993

Driving Lies: (write in your own, the theme is car crash/accident)


Issues with my current project

Driving lies was supposed to be a novel taken from a script I wrote while in high school. (I thought at one point I wanted to be a script writer. However I knew I perfer writing novels and short stories after I wrote about what was going on in the characters mind. I mean voice-overs get complicated and confusing to understand when you add too many. However that is for another blog. . .)

It got complicated when I wrote during NaNoWriMo, and it turned into a much larger project. So now it’s a Novella trilogy. It is told from two different perspectives Jake Walters and Neve Penn. It’s a murder thriller/suspense/drama. . . I was going to make it a mystery, but between both persepectives, I don’t think I leave that much mystery. Jake Walters is a man who has the family dream: family and a good job etc. However he got mixed up with Neve’s family and he made a lot of bad decisions. Neve usually does not let thing get by her, and she knew that Jake was going to make a huge impact on family; she just did not know how big.


I am currently editing novella one. I hope to release it by the end of the summer. However I am having issues with mature scenes in the book. It is part of the story. . . it demostrates that Jake is capable of making bad choices, and therefore, his dream would never be perfect. However I want to write it in away that my readers know what is going on, but not make it sound like I am writing smut. (I’ve had the same issues with my book Melzela, but she is a prosuite during the time of Christ.) I don’t get descriptive in all of their actions, but I usually mention a exchange of money or smoking a cigarette after. Can one writing about sex and still make it sound classy?