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To my fans and lovers of dogs. . .

A friend of mine has a full breed boxer. . . his dog is sick and needs a major surgery. Her name is Mercedes, we call her Saddie. . . she has a tail, which is unique for a boxer. She usually is very hyper. . . she loved hitting people with her tail. . . it’s like it has a life of it’s own. She loves playing tug-of- war, and fetch. . . However lately she has been lifeless. . . she’s just isn’t herself. She is sick and the only way the doctors can help her with a surgery. You can donate and help save this young dog’s life.
She needs your help. . .


Saturday Night Writing Drama. . .

Okay, I have no idea who else has been there, but has anyone gotten told not to write?

Saturday night, I was writing in my notebook. . . minding my own business. When one of our roommates brought over a drunken friend. They should have stayed in the car or gone up stairs, but no he sat the table harassing me.

At first, I was calm, and I thought once I told him I was writing, he would leave me alone. (Most people just get a vibe when I say I am writing. . . they assume I’m busy and leave it at that.) However he asked what I was writing, and I told him I was working on book 2 of my vampire series. Then he didn’t stop there. . . he went on asking what my book was about. I explained it’s about the lives of my vampire family. . . I mean I have huge vampire tree (probably as many vampires that Anne Rice has on her tree.)

He thought I was one of those people who said I was writing a book, but would never finished. Then I show him my first book, and he denied that it was even mine. (Now I’m just flustered.)

Then he tries to give me advice that my vampire wasn’t interesting. At first, I was calm. I simply said that maybe he just wouldn’t be interested in reading my book. (I understand that there are over 6 billion people in this world, and that many of them may just not be interested in my book.) He goes on that I needed to stop writing vampires. . . they aren’t interesting. Now I am livid. . . (I have been working off and on with this series for six years.)

Then he goes on to say, I should stop writing, if I am going to argue about it. (I will fight for what I am passionate about.) Then I yelled at him, and freak out. . . he wasn’t supposed to be in the house anyway.

Then I was told by my dramatic roommate I called his drunken friend the “n” word. First of all, if you haven’t seen my author photo, I am white. I refuse to use the “n” word. Secondly, I was frustrated to even let him think that I would be dumb enough to use that kind of language. I hate it when I hear it out of other people’s mouths.

I know I need to take it with a grain of salt, but I hate it when I write and people seem to irk me. . . to egg me on. Can’t people just leave me alone to write?

Now I know why I am antisocial most of the time.

Note: Then one of my roommates tried to appolagize as if to say if I just say “I’m sorry,” and then goes on to drink. I am not putting up with it . . . if something else happens when they are drunk. . . I will call 911.He acts different drunk, and then when he sober he denies everything.

The only thing I can take from this. . . is a character experience. . . how to write for a drunken character.