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The New Me

2015 is going to be a year of getting rid of the old, so 2016 can be getting ready for the new. From this point on until Dec 31, I will getting rid of negative, old things in my life that do not mean anything anymore.

I am doing a few things new year. . . like a new pen name. I will still be Rebekah, but I found out that Wolveire is more related to wolverine or wolf than vampire. I also got that surname from my ex . . . so I think I am going my own route and culture seeking a pen name. I use a pen name simply to keep my writing life and personal life separate.

I have had horrible writer’s block this year. I hope that next year my muses, character, and plot bunnies will want their stories heard. 

As for NaNoWriMo, I was trying to work on a memoir, but things happened and I ended up working on a previous project. I am at 44.4K, right now and I plan to get the 5.6 K finished before November 30th. It is very probable.

I have learned that things can easily distract me. . . cleaning, family, art, Netflix, facebook, youtube, experience project, google, health issues etc
Well, these distractions have helped and hindered me. However I am determined next year to minimize these distractions. Without these distractions, I would have written more prompts in October.

I have been very grateful this year, even though it has not turned out the way that I want it. Here is a list of things I am grateful for. . .


Another 5 minute Rant

First of all, on this blog I try to keep all things natural or positive. Secondly, I try my promote my own and other’s writings. If you want to know more about me you can read my other blog, my personal blog (I’m trying to get more readers on it.)

I am glad my 5 minute Rant and my facebook page got so many view over the week. http;// I have to give my boyfriend credit. He was the one who told me to not worry about the mess, it will still be there when I was done writing. (And it was. . . sigh)

If you also can’t write. . . just try to list ideas. . . and work from there.

I also make picture and music videos. . . where I get art or celebrity pic from the Internet and make a video. I also make music playlist for each project.  That is my you tube channel.

If you really can’t writing, then read.

Anyway, I hope you are all writing and/or reading out there. I hope to get more posted soon.

Just in the Nick of Time

I’ve been down and out . . . my stress and depression have hit me hard this month (for varies reasons). However I got on facebook, and got on one of my liked pages. . . and it was the encouragement. . . I needed just to move at little more. (That and German Chocolate cake:-)) Thank you freedom with Writing, I needed it today.

Seeking Beta Readers forBook1 of Vampire Series

As of June 20th, (date will change based on my editing schedule), I plan to be seeking beta readers for the first book of my vampire series called The Crimson Shadow Collection. Book 1 is called Melzela.  I will only have it in pdf format (unless you want to pay for a paperback copy from createspace).

I am seeking between 25 to 100 beta readers for this book.  I am very serious about this book, and I will not accept beta readers unless they promise to send feedback. (Please give me more feedback then just my grammar needs improvement. I understand my grammar isn’t the best. Okay, I would be lucky if I got a C for grammar on my novels. However I am looking for things like . . .
 Are the characters believable?
 Can you relate to or like any of the characters?
 Are there any pieces that just don’t make sense?
Does the story flow? Is the story interesting?
 From 1 to 5, 5 being best, how would you rate my novel? I will plan out more questions for beta readers. You can answer them, or just use them as a guide.  ) I am really hoping to continue working on the other books, but I would like to eventually get this series mainstream published.  I really need some serious beta readers. Please message me on facebook or e-mail me with the subject Beta Reader.

Advice for recieving Feedback

There are many writers who have it good and yet don’t know it. I would never say any feedback is hateful or negative . . . it’s just an opinion. (Unless someone threaten you or said they hated it, but that is not what I meant.) Most readers read a story and then go to the next story. Only a percentage of them actually give feedback, especially on a blog or online site.  So if 15 people gave some kind of comment or feedback, then think of how many other simply read the story and moved on.

I gave my fellow some advice that I even follow. . .

  1. Just think about it:  to get that much feedback means that many people read or at least started to read your material. At least you have some readers noticed that you are a writer.
  2. It really looks like you have the wrong fan-base.  I also heard that certain writer’s websites will tear apart one’s work, but they are trying to make it better. You can read their comments, but it is up to you as the writer to make a decision to use their input.
  3. Never take what one person says at world value. I have learned that I may be unique, but there are at least a few people out there like me. Everyone has their opinion and most people always have something to say about art and writing is just written art.
  4. Cherish positive comment and keep negative comments at arm’s length.
  5. Try to find a positive spin to all comments or you’ll just feel down. Question the commenter’s ideas . . . never be afraid to ask why they have their opinion or how they offered their opinion. If they said something vague like because it is what I think, don’t take the feedback at much value. However if they tell you a real reason with an example of why/how they got to their opinion, then work with it.
  6. The thing that I have learned is most people who want feedback, want to improve their writing. If you are simply writing for yourself and like your work, then just don’t ask for feedback.
  7. I personally have nothing against fanfiction. I use it as practice myself. However I can see the negative look on it out there, because there are writer’s struggling to create their own world, conflict, and characters. However I think if a celebrity or previously created character gives you inspiration then right about it. (Just please let people know that it is fiction and is no way connected to the original person/character.)

Okay that is my two cents for now. . . I have a few pieces to rewrite, a few pieces to read and review, and many chapters to edit.

Writing Announcement

Writing announcements

I have been editing my first vampire book. In fact its book one out my vampire series which will be seven or eight books called The Crimson Shadow Collection.  I hope to get my book finished by late May and get my free copies from .

Until Thursday April 18th, my book “The Whispering Path” is free to download with coupon.

“The Whispering Path.” By Rebekah Wolveire
Is free for the next week (with coupon code)
Your coupon code is AT84H (not case-sensitive).
Expires April 18, 2013.


My boyfriend is currently try to start an online magazine. He wants it to be about horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Eternal Kingdoms is a magazine that has a target audience towards fantasy, science fiction, and horror. We are looking for authors to contribute short stories, and chapter novels. Artists are also welcome to contribute artwork that represents stories selected for each issue. This magazine will be set up in a mixture of styles.

We are looking for all kinds of writers: new or experienced. This is simply to get your name and writing out there. All writings need to be either horror, sci-fi, or fantasy based, and short enough that we can fit in a magazine. For example if a story is really long, you could divide it into two or three parts. (My boyfriend is in charge of this, and he just want to get stories out.)

Our website is currently under construction. We have facebook page We are just trying to get stories and writers together first. However if you have an interest or question please feel free to e-mail us at

RIP NaNoWriMo 2012: It was a Learning Experience

In less than three hours EST, it will be Dec 1st and NaNoWriMo 2012 will be over. Congratulations for all those who met your goals as well as 50K. For those who didn’t reach 50K, at least you are further on your projects than you were November 1st.

There are several things that I have learned while working on NaNoWriMo this years.

1. Taking the high road is really hard, especially when you have short cuts all over. (All of my stories I worked on this year, were already started. It would have been easier if I just took my previous words and use them, but I didn’t.)
2. There are very few who can actually give me a guilt trip and have it work. (Sorry FB people/friends/fans are not any of them.) *
Guilt trips not caused by me, but something that you just cannot let go. I do not make choices for you, you make your own choices, land you need to live up to them.
3. There are two types of people in my world:
Group A: Those who take what I say, nod their head, and go on with their life. (It doesn’t matter if they use what I say or not, they simply move on.)
Group B: Those who twist and turn every word I say, not getting the original meaning and then use it for blame and drama. (Make your own decision and Get Over It!)*
4. Word Sprints/ Word Wars are the butter to my bread. (I believe some people work better with small twenty minute sprints at a time. I found myself most productive with two twenty-five minutes per hour. I wrote between 2 to 6 hours a day. I still had to clean the apartment and make dinner everyday. I also knew when my brain was starting to fry; fried brain means nothing gets finished.)
5. Do not try to compete with everyone else in the groups. (It will just discourage you, because some people who type faster, and some people who aren’t stuck on their story. You need to find a way to make the 50K your own goal: use smaller goals and rewards to get you there. In the end the only person who is doing the typing/writing is you.)
6. Make a larger goal into smaller goals (I usually have a daily goal, and a weekly goal. I also gave myself reward such as playing video games or treats for reaching these goals.)
7. Encourage those when you can. (Because when you need that pick me up, someone should be there to help you. There was a lot of encouraging in the groups and forums I was in.)
8. I push myself and increase each year. (2010: I was happy with 56k. 2011: I got 63k and this year 2012: I got 102k. Next year I want to start and finish an entire story in 30 days. I read somewhere that Stephen King said that every first draft should be within six weeks.)
9. It’s good to end something. (It makes room for new things to come. I have too many projects that I have started. I know I can finish something, so I need to finish everything else.)

* (#2, 3) The Other side of Drama

Okay as you can see that there are two things that are marked with asterisk. I want to explain what happened . . . I was on facebook in one of my many writing groups and I had noticed that someone was bragging about doing two separate projects (not linking them together) for NaNoWriMo. I know for sure that this was against the rules. (NaNoWriMo is about taking a piece or related writing pieces and writing 50,000 words on that one project in 30 days. It’s about the writing bottom line, I understand this, but they do have rules to keep it a true challenge.)

 So I privately messaged them because I was afraid that they could get into trouble. I’m not sure what NaNoWriMo does if you break the rules, but there has to be a reason why they have them. I imagine that they could take away the certificate and the extra sponsored goodies that come along with it. (I don’t know about everyone else, but if I busted my butt for 30 days, I certainly do not want my goodies or acknowledgment taken away.)

I never yelled at them, never used all cap. I never told them not to participate. I just didn’t want them to get in possible trouble for seeing them brag about breaking a rule.
Then they tried to say that I ruined NaNoWriMo for them. They tried to push the drama on facebook and in the groups. I explained to few people what happened; they understood what I was doing and told me that person was just being dramatic. I took the dramatic person off my notification list, but still kept them as friends. I thought it was over. (this was just before NaNoWriMo started.)

I honestly was trying to help someone not get into what I thought could be trouble. I thought it had stopped. It was a day after I had finished my NaNoWriMo and I got another message from this person. . . trying to push a guilt trip on me. I spammed the e-mail and blocked them. I don’t need someone, I was trying to help, giving me guilt trip. They could have still written the stories, they could have still worked on word count, but I just wouldn’t brag that they were breaking the rules. (I would have done if I was them was check the rules and consequences for breaking the rules. It wouldn’t have stopped me from writing.

I didn’t write this, because I feel guilty, but because I wanted my side of the story told. I just don’t want the other person making everyone think that is my fault for the decisions that they made. I am also worried that this person is putting me down, since I cannot see what they are saying about me in the group.
I am story teller and a writer, and I just want to have writing buddies that I can rely on. I understand this is one person, which is why I am dropping it after this blog.