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As of June 20th, (date will change based on my editing schedule), I plan to be seeking beta readers for the first book of my vampire series called The Crimson Shadow Collection. Book 1 is called Melzela.  I will only have it in pdf format (unless you want to pay for a paperback copy from createspace).

I am seeking between 25 to 100 beta readers for this book.  I am very serious about this book, and I will not accept beta readers unless they promise to send feedback. (Please give me more feedback then just my grammar needs improvement. I understand my grammar isn’t the best. Okay, I would be lucky if I got a C for grammar on my novels. However I am looking for things like . . .
 Are the characters believable?
 Can you relate to or like any of the characters?
 Are there any pieces that just don’t make sense?
Does the story flow? Is the story interesting?
 From 1 to 5, 5 being best, how would you rate my novel? I will plan out more questions for beta readers. You can answer them, or just use them as a guide.  ) I am really hoping to continue working on the other books, but I would like to eventually get this series mainstream published.  I really need some serious beta readers. Please message me on facebook or e-mail me with the subject Beta Reader.

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    Are you a vampire fan? Are you interested in helping an aspiring author? If so, then check this out 🙂

  2. I’m interested. I’ll message you.

  3. Best of luck. I would have liked to have been of assistance, but I would not be a good reader– I utterly despise vampire books, and so I don’t believe I could give you objective feedback.

    But one clarification (perhaps I am confused)– do you already have this book on Createspace prior to completion of your editing process? If so, it seems a bit cart before the horse, etc.

    • I appreciate your honesty. Vampires are not everyone’s cup of tea.
      I do not have the book on createspace as of yet. I am in the process. However you can turn off sales with createspace. I can also edit and reedit my book with createspace and they will update the new copy. I have worked with them for two years now.

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