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The New Me

2015 is going to be a year of getting rid of the old, so 2016 can be getting ready for the new. From this point on until Dec 31, I will getting rid of negative, old things in my life that do not mean anything anymore.

I am doing a few things new year. . . like a new pen name. I will still be Rebekah, but I found out that Wolveire is more related to wolverine or wolf than vampire. I also got that surname from my ex . . . so I think I am going my own route and culture seeking a pen name. I use a pen name simply to keep my writing life and personal life separate.

I have had horrible writer’s block this year. I hope that next year my muses, character, and plot bunnies will want their stories heard. 

As for NaNoWriMo, I was trying to work on a memoir, but things happened and I ended up working on a previous project. I am at 44.4K, right now and I plan to get the 5.6 K finished before November 30th. It is very probable.

I have learned that things can easily distract me. . . cleaning, family, art, Netflix, facebook, youtube, experience project, google, health issues etc
Well, these distractions have helped and hindered me. However I am determined next year to minimize these distractions. Without these distractions, I would have written more prompts in October.

I have been very grateful this year, even though it has not turned out the way that I want it. Here is a list of things I am grateful for. . .


NaNoWriMo Starts in 8 days. . .

It is just over a week before NaNoWriMo starts I am working on notes. . . I am working on memoir. . . I know I am rebelling because they prefer fictional pieces. However I know I am going on with a new chapter in my life, and I am using NaNoWriMo as therapy this year. A memoir is a collection of events or memories. . .

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***NO CANADA RIGHTS*** UK SALES: Contact: Caroline (44) 207 431 1598 - Must Byline EROTEME.CO.UK Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles shoot scenes for 'Supernatural' in New Westminster EXCLUSIVE         December 09, 2010 Job: 101209P3             Vancouver, Canada

UK SALES: Contact: Caroline (44) 207 431 1598 – Must Byline EROTEME.CO.UK
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles shoot scenes for ‘Supernatural’ in New Westminster
EXCLUSIVE December 09, 2010
Job: 101209P3 Vancouver, Canada

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I need closure on a lot of elements on my life. I am not sure if I will publish this piece or not, but if I find something interesting, I plan to post it. I also plan to do crafts and such, so I am will try my best to get 1667 to 2000 words a day.

I want to be read to move on by January 1st, 2016.

Just write

My muses are still on vacation. . . Eh

I’ve been having serious issues with writing this year. . . last year I had over a quarter of a million words written, but this year I can barely get ten thousand a month. I could get through Camp NaNo in April.


I know I want to write. . . screw it, I need to write. I just feel like my muses went on a long vacation, and my character will not talk directly to me. They only talk when my muses are around; it’s like they need the middle man to tell their stories.

Maybe I need more or new inspiration. . .


Maybe I need a vacation (laughs).


Maybe I just need the right song. . .

Whatever it is I hope it comes back in November.


It’s crazy I have all of these ideas stuck in my head, and yet I can’t not get them out. . . it’s like they are in suspended animation. However I did notice if an idea slips out that I am usually at my busiest moment. . . always happens. (I’m trying to stay busy. . . sometimes so busy I cannot write.)
I feel like my brain is a dusty attic where the light only works when it wants to, and everything is in boxes covered with at least an inch of dust and cobwebs. I need to get inspired. . . fix the damn light and clean the dust and cobwebs. But how?

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I hope my brain gets more active before and during NaNoWriMo. That is why I am writing prompts. . . on my other account

Next Writing Challenge

Loki 25 Prompt Challenge August 14th to Sept 15th.

The stories will be posted on my personal blog

BeFunky Collageloki3

1. #This Pleases Loki
2. What is the story behind the smile
3. Tell the story in the picture
4. Loki’s sexy pout makes all of the fangirls go crazy (what makes him so irresistible?)
5. “I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burden with a glorious purpose.”
6. when the villain has more fangirls than the hero . . .
7. “So you saw The Avengers, I was adorable, right?”
8. Why is he worthy of Mjolnir?
9. Prisoner of Loki
10. Loki “Let me love you”
11. Loki: The Wicked World (What happens in it?)
12. You were made to be ruled in the end: You always kneel
13. Never has evil been green-eyed, gentle, and defenseless
14. When I go wrong?
15. “What happened to you in Valhalla?” Odin questioned (Tumblr)
16. “Art thou ready for sex?” Loki asked. . .
17. Story behind the picture
18. Story behind the picture
19. Write Loki’s first memory
20. Story behind the picture
21. Story behind the picture
22. Loki turns into a hero
23. Bondage scene (he is tied up)
24. Loki with his daughter telling a story
25. Write a story between Thor and baby brother

BeFunky Collageloki4

I have had writer’s block, so these will not be done in order, but I will mark down which prompt I am doing and each will have a picture. I may post more than one per day, and there may be more than one day in between posts. I will Link them together when I am finished.

BeFunky Collagelokiserious

(I know I have one more day of my 14 day challenge and I hope to finish and post it soon.)


5 Minute Rant

I have to take a small break from my writing to just say something. . . I have been having issues with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. My writing has been effected from this. . . (However that is blog on it’s own.)

I just want to say it take ten minutes or an hour and just write. . . forget about the mess on the floor or the dishes in the sink or the kids terrorizing the cats. Just sit down and write whatever it is in your head. Reality will be there waiting for you.

I have been having issues with this. I see a mess and then the ideas in my head get push back because of the mess. However forget the mess for whatever time you need and just write.

Just write

Just get some words on the screen or page!

Author Survey question of the Day Part 2

survey. . . Part 2

all of the questions taken from


Let’s kick off Monday with some morbid fun. How did you kill the last character you wrote who bit the dust? I’m currently working on a scene where several main characters die by playing chicken.


How do you determine the names of your characters? Phone book? Mythology? Acquaintances? Trial and error? I have gone to and I searched actors, characters. . . I have made lists of boy, girl, and surnames during the times I have writer’s block. My character’s names need to have meaning or at least be unique.


How intense are your dreams? Are your characters or plots so active while you sleep that it changes what you thought you would write? Yes, I have dreamt about my characters. I make my characters so detailed that I could have written other stories with them in it. I can also have made them Sim characters and play games with them.


Ever been so intensely inspired by something, you had to stop writing what you’re writing and spend a little time imagining a new project? Yes, I have but it depends if I have a deadline or not. . . if I have a dealine then I usually just work on the one project. However if I have no deadline then I will juggle two or three projects at once.


Answer this one … All I want for Christmas is … A book deal for my entire vampire book series. . . to be able to publish my other projects. (Not writing wise. . . a new house with my writing space.)


Sooo excited about the Holidays this year and my question is … if your book was a Holiday cookie, dessert or meal, what would it be? It would be a cookie. . . a raspberry thumbprint with a white chocolate drizzle. (Vampire with blood)


I was INTERNET-LESS half of Thursday and all day Friday! So thrilled to be back and able to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! Today’s question … What are your writerly plans for 2012? (Again, I have been pulling these questions from pervious dates.) In 2012 I finished two projects Driving Lies Part 2, and Melzela.


When writing characters, have you ever discovered a friend or family member (spouse or ex-spouse) jumping right into your manuscript uninvited? (I can read this question two ways.) My mom has tried to read my stuff before it was done, but my grammar issues kept her away.

I have noticed that I have written a few of my family member in stuff. . . I know I have written stories about my exs simply to express feelings and close that chapter in my life.


What do you do when you hit the writing wall? Go outside and seek inspiration? Read a book? Eat? Or something else? I will watch movies, work on inspiration project (where I put pictures, videos to music. . .) listen to music, go out with friends, write blogs, cook, bake, spend time with Tom (my boyfriend).


this one may sound goofy, but I tried it and discovered it had changed everything in my wip! The question is … what would happen if you changed the color of your hero/heroine’s hair? Well, several my character’s change color of their hair, their eyes, even their skin. . . In The Whispering Path. . . my main character did dye her hair. . . she surprised everyone.


We all kill characters, whether it’s a fantasy dragon or a human antagonist. I’d like to explore that this week. Today’s question … What is the most interesting way you ever killed off a character? I haven’t written it yet. . . but there are many ways my vampires will perish in my series. I don’t want to give away too much just yet.


Have you ever created a character that you actually hate? A character that, if you saw him/her on the street, you’d slap? Or worse? Yes, I have a characters that I just could not stand. However I realized that you need those characters that you hate so when you take them it feels go.


When was the last time you argued with one of your characters and … did you win? This questioned made me laugh. . . I think it was in November during NaNoWriMowe argued over an extra scene. . . I didn’t win. . . I added into the story and it added just that much more. (However don’t tell my characters or muses. . . I’ll never get to live it down.)


What spurs your creativity to write a new book? Where do you start? the plot idea or the character? I get inspiration everywhere from a song to a movie; from something my boyfriend said to a mistake I’ve made. I like a good plot, but I am a character writer. I analyze all kinds of things to create different personalities. . . zodiac, personality tests, character sketches etc.


I can’t believe this week isn’t over yet! The question today … even if you’re an avid plotter, have you ever discovered that your book simply doesn’t end where you thought it would end? Endings are complicated for me. . . I always want to end strong, and it’s a struggle for me: I bust my brain and my fingers from beginning and then I just have to give it up. It’s like mending an animal have to release it back to the wild. You worry whether it would be good; you hope that you did enough. . . and then the ending the final moments that you have with it. . . the final words you will say with the piece: Are they good enough?


How much writing do you plan to accomplish during the summer? I want to work on some short stories. . . and my urban legend project.


When do you know the title for your book? At the very beginning of the idea? Somewhere in the middle? Not until you’ve finished the book? Or when you and your agent/publisher decide the title? I usually figure it out somewhere in the middle.


Authors often cross talents with Television and movies. We’ve been talking about books to films this week but … have you ever thought about writing a television series? Yes, I would like to partisicipate in TV and movie scripts. . . I am a local playwright and I used to write scripts in high school. I would love to work with the team for the show Supernatural.


Have you ever written a scene that makes you laugh out loud? Cry pitifully? Or feel completely relieved? Yes, I have gotten emotional while writing a few scenes. I’ve had a few heartaching scenes. . .


Does your personality change when you’re editing vs when you’re writing? After all, we’re using two different sides of our brain for these processes. Yes, I have different views. . . I edit better without music from the hours of 7am to 1pm. . . (That is when I catch the most mistakes. . . the thing is I am not a morning person, but I have to time it right.) I write better with music between noon and 7 or late at night.


Whether you are a plotter or not, have you ever found that a book simply insisted on being something different than you intended? That it demanded to be told in first person instead of third … in a different genre … or a secondary character becomes the hero? Yes, I have a book where I wanted to pair two of characters together, but both myself and my main character like the fickle, bad boy artist. . . which will come back in two and three. (My boyfriend is not amused, because I based the character my main character is supposed to be paired up was based off him.)


How often do you find yourself so inspired that you write through the entire day and night? Forget to eat? Don’t even hear the phone ring? I cannot do that because I have to think about others. (It’s a nice dream, but it would burn me out for weeks.) I rather just write 4-6 hours a day then 24 hours straight. If the phone rings, I do check the ID, and I will answer it if I feel like it or I am expecting the call, whether I am writing or not. I cannot forget to eat.


What childhood memory or nightmare still shows up in some form within your writing? I have a fear car accidents: I have written about them. I also hate dealing with certain people in my family. . . I have written about that as well.


Who is planning to do NaNo? Have you done it before? Why should authors who haven’t done the November write-a-thon consider doing it? This will be the fifth year for doing NaNoWriMo. . . I have won all four years, and I hope to win this year as well. I think it’s really encouraging for those who need a boost with their writing.


What do you HAVE to do before you start writing? Have coffee? Clean out your email box? Go for a run? What activity simply can’t be ignored or you can’t write? I used to have a routine when I was at the apartment. . . get up, bathroom, get soda-pop, make lunch, make to-do list. notes, check facebook, play one or two games, and then work on writing sprints or editing. I need at least notes and soda-pop (caffeine) before I write.


I’m still looking to buy more books! Who writes High Fantasy or Urban Fantasy? (My all time FAVORITES!) Please, post your buy link here! Createspace page:


We all know, reading well helps us write well. Today’s question … Do you have an e-reader? How many books are loaded onto it? I have PDF reader and I have at least two dozen books I have yet to read.


Are you a creature of habit and routine? What time of the day do you start writing? What drink to you need at your desk while you write? What time to you stop for meals? Does a disruption of your routine change your writing? Normally I try to write at least two hours a day or so many days a week. I get easily bored by routine. However in November (NaNoWriMo) I am constantly writing or typing.


I’m moving in a few short weeks and will be working in a brand new home office! Have you moved or change the location of your writing space? Did it inspire you, or give you a case of writer’s block? I prefer my writing area to be a desk or table. I need a place for my computer and my notebook. I also need a place with good light and a place where I can play my music. Sometimes a place near a TV or someone playing a videogame can be a distraction.


Do you have a book video? Do you like book videos? If you have one, please share it, and if you don’t share one that you like. I’m not sure what is a video book. If it’s like a youtube thing to advertise your book. . . I haven’t made one yet. I have done stuff for inspiration for my characters. . . where I use music and pictures together.


Have you ever written a character, only to discover that it is basically you or someone very close to you? Did you alter the character. or keep it? I never made the character 100% to anyone I know. . . I will use people I know or celebrities as inspirational starting board so to speak. I also tweak to make them my own characters in the end.


Writers live with it, we tolerate it, we fight back about it, and we wallow because of it. Today’s question is … How do you deal with rejection? I deal with rejection in different ways. . . I usually keep busy. . . I write short stories and deal with those who rejected me in my “personal” way. (It’s like the saying “Don’t piss off a writer or they will kill you in their book.” I think killing is too easy. . . I write the life as a living hell and it usually helps.) I also have a diary and blog which help get my feelings out.

Advice for other writers: never take rejection personally. . . you will get those who like your work, and those who don’t. What counts is that someone read your work! (Even the best writers got rejected before they got popular.)


Yes, we’re writers, but we’re also moms and dad’s, employees and workers, caregivers and pet lovers. We have a lot to do! So, as a writer, how would you describe a HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE WRITING DAY? I would say any day I get 2,000-3,000 words written or over 10 pages is a very productive day. (I’ll be honest, I can do all of the laundry, dishes, go shopping, do errands, help out friends, clean every room in the house, but if I don’t write something. . . I don’t feel I have accomplished anything that day: a true writer at heart.)


We are authors and we work with WORDS. We live and breath words, dream words, and strive to master words. Today’s question is … What is the most beautiful WORD in the English Language? Thank you. Or I miss you.


Authors are writers and after a while, it’s just our job but … What responses do you get when you tell people you’re an author? How does it make you feel? I feel I am story-teller first, a writer second. . . I’m but I’m not an author yet. You can buy my book, but I haven’t made much from them. I just feel you are not an author until you get a pay check from your work. (I’m just getting technical. I doesn’t feel good and make me hopeful when someone calls me an author.)


Everyone has a GOOD LUCK CHARM MOTIVATING ITEM, even when they won’t admit it. What is your lucky charm, sitting there on your desk and magically helping you write your current book? I don’t really have a lucky or motivating charm persay. . . However I have to have more than one pen at my desk, and sometimes I use facebook as a motivation thing. . . I see how many other writer’s have books out and it motives me to get my book out to.


When was the last time an idea for a book was SO SPECTACULAR that you actually stopped writing the manuscript you were working on to write the new book? I get those idea for short stories at least once every few months. I have stopped one project to work on another last February.


When I lived in Los Angeles CA, I did my most creative thinking while sitting in traffic on the 405. Where do you do your most creative thinking? There are several constant areas that inspire me. . . the bathroom when I relax enough to untangle the thoughts in my head, in the back of my mom’s yard: there is a creek and I can think there, when I am watching a movie or listening to music. I also get ideas when I am reading books in the genre.



Pick the title for my first Novella.

The Novella series is called Driving Lies. Image
This novella series is about a man who messes with cars so people would get into accidents. He kills several people in the series: four in book one. Book one takes place in the year 1993. (I started book two in high school in 1998 which takes place five years later.)

Driving Lies: Expedited Treason

Driving Lies: Accelerated Betrayal

Driving Lies: Velocious Damage

Driving Lies: Broken Trust

Driving Lies: Double-Dealing

Driving Lies: Double-Crossing

Driving Lies: Car Crash

Driving Lies: Crashed

Driving Lies: 1993

Driving Lies: (write in your own, the theme is car crash/accident)