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Camp NaNo

I am planning on participating in CampNaNo( in June. (They have two one in June and one in August, but I can’t do August since I have so many other things going on in that month like Tom’s birthday.)

I am what they call rebelling which means I doing something I already started instead of starting a new project. I am usingCampNaNoto finish getting my first vampire novel (1 of 7, possibly 8). I am also working several other short stories that I really want  to finish.

Darken Cake (A parable for an ex that I meant to finish in 2007)
CSC Book 1 Melzela (My first vampire book)
There are a many short stories I want to finish I will post the list later.

I am not as devoted to CampNaNo as I am with NaNoWriMo, because it’s summer and if I have friends that want to go out or I get a chance to enjoy the summer, I am taking it. I do hope that I get to 50k. It would be nice, but this is just to motivate me to get my vampire story on the computer.