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Requested Info from a Publisher

I checked my e-mail today and I received an e-mail from a representative of a publisher today. They requested some information so this is what I wrote down.

-Briefly describe the book you are working on.

My Book is called “The Whispering Path,” a paranormal thriller/drama.  Lucy Zine is a young woman trying to discover who she is; however she had a gift, she can communicate with ghosts. This is the beginning of her journey of how she uses her gift to relate to herself and others.

-When will you finish the manuscript?

I plan to have draft 3 finished by May 20th. I hope to have formatted by the beginning of June.

-How long is the work (approximate word count)?

Draft 1 was 132,000 words, and since I added a few extra scenes I would average it to be around 140,000-150,000 words.

-Do you plan to have color images in the interior?

I do not plan any of the interior to be in color.

-Is this a book for friends and family or do you have plans to position this in the major markets?

I hope to have major markets interested. I would really like to look into mainstream publishing.

-Are you committed to the success of your book? What things will you do to make your book a success?

I am willing to what I can to make my book as successful as possible.

-And finally, when would you like to have your new book in hand?

I have current have a proof copy of draft one, but I was not happy with the lack of set up. However I would love to have a professional copy as soon as I can finish editing it.