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Different Levels

Different Levels


Have you ever been ready for bed or just slept a few hours and suddenly your muses are running in full drive? You fight for a few minutes whether to even move.  You know that they have fun a great idea that was hidden somewhere in your head, and they have to get that idea on paper or screen NOW! (It’s now or they strike, and most writers who have had writer’s block (for whatever amount of time) would take it more serious than those who write all of the time.) You mumble as your warm feet hit the cold ground, you get on your favorite robe and slipper, make your coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or pop. . . meanwhile the muses are making it sound like a game. If you don’t do all of this and get to that notebook or computer  within 30 seconds, the idea gets it. (Yes, they have a gun to the damn idea.)

You finally get to the computer, you type faster than you had ever known. . . You save your idea, scene, line, page, character etc. Then you end up playing Candy Crush Saga or Solitaire or whatever mindless game you enjoy for several hours just to wind back down only to get to sleep for two hours knowing that the next day is the busiest day you’ll have all week, maybe all month. It always seems that muses know when you are at your busiest, and they love to want to work then, so we are downing enough caffeine to light up a small town.


However why is when you want to work, when you had rearranged your entire weekly schedule just to get a few hours in to write, and your muses are out for a long lunch or your characters are on strike for a better storyline?

Why is it you write outline after online, lists, character sketches, plot flow charts only to go where the characters and muses steer you?


There are only ever a few times I have ever had those golden moments where my muses and I got along (not counting NaNoWriMo). . . they never happened when I plan them. I remembered several times the members in my household would give me time to write and I would still wait until they all went to sleep just to get words on the page.


I’m just being to believe that my muses, my characters and I are on different levels. I also know along as I play their games, they give me some pretty good stories. (Even now as I am writing this blog, my muses are working on a story that they were fighting me with. I’ll be honest, it will get written down by the end of the night.)



Do other writers have the same problems?