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Fantasy Writers: Try this

For anyone writing fantasy this might interest you.

Have you ever been stuck on a character? Or do you feel you need a change but you’re not sure how? My suggestion for you is play Dungeons and Dragons (also known as D&D). It doesn’t matter if you are writing about elves, dragons, fairies, gnomes, trolls, wizards, rangers, and the list goes on, D&D helps with abilities and stats of these beings and if you have problems deciding on who you can be just roll the dice.


My boyfriend Tom got a game going with my brothers and I. He made his own world with 3 large continents and many cities with dungeons and temples on each. We even recreated a city that was destroyed. (He uses D&D books 3.5 more as guidelines and ideas for his campaign.)

My character is named Scarlet and she started 18 and level 1 wizard. She was 5’7” with red hair and was thin. She was human wizard, who was really weak and clumsy at first. She own a license to drive an airship and yet she had never driven one. Tom’s character was elf rogue who hung out with a elf ranger (my 13 year old brother) and human fighter/druid (my 17 year old brother.) They found my character in an airship crash, and I helped them fix a city. Then we stuck together and we went exploring. We worked for and against some kings and pissed off some higher wizards. We defeated different dragons and other creatures. We even helped Bahamut ascend to godhood. We crushed a guild of a assassins. We each have our own dragon; my dragon is white and I can communicate with all of the dragons. They had saved my lives a lot of times and I’ve given them magic items.

However now after 2 years of this campaign and my character is level 14 wizard doing level 9 spells and I have feats that allow me not to use material or having to work with the spell books. Now I am not just human, but I am race called dragonsoul because I have the soul of a white dragon and an air elemental. I have white hair, and scaly skin around my wings. I can fly and control 80% of the wind. This was because I had the spell Vampiric Touch and I took too much power. There is such thing as an overkill and it can cause serious changes.

My favorite spells was the Magnificent Mansion where I magically make a door appear (based on my concentration and my die 20 roll.) It leads to a state of the art house where we can hang out and hide to rest up. We can repair weapons, sleep, eat (full fridge) or whatever else we can/ need to do.



You can play this game on-line. However some dungeon masters can be very strict to what the books tell you. They can also make the game as big or small or simple or complicated as they want.

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Wiki has it own D&D site:

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On a side note: Dungeons and Dragons has nothing to do with Satanism or suicide. It promotes working as a group to accomplish a goal and to use one’s imagination.