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New Story Review Corner

I had an idea. . . I was thinking of making a small review corner on my writing blog. I have been reading the book The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing and it says to read my genre. However I have learned I write in several genres: Paranormal; Occult; Vampire; thriller; drama; and mostly Horror. My favorite authors are Anne Rice and Stephen King.

What I was thinking was to read short stories or pieces of novels and give them reviews on my blog. I thought that if maybe I review a few others, then others would see and they could review as well. When I ask for feedback, I want to know if my characters are likable, and relatable. I want to know if my story is actually interesting. As a story-teller and writer, I basically want to know am I really bringing written art to the world or am I just wasting time? I want to know if there are others who want to read my work.


Fellow Writers. . . what I need for a review

  1. Title
  2. Pen name (Name you are publishing with)
  3. A link to the title, e-mail, or place where others can get your work.
  4. Webpages or other way that other people can ask questions about your work


  • I want no more than 50 computer pages 8×11.  No more than 25,000 words
    (If it part of a novel, then send me up 50 pages of most interesting part.)
  • You can add a picture. (No more than what wordpress allows, my blog is on word press)


This is how I plan to write my review.

  1. Title and author
  2. I want to write as little as one to two or as much as four to five sentences of summary.
  3. Then I will write some about the character/dialogue.
  4. Then I will write something about the storyline.
  5. Extra notes: if it made me emotional or I was able to relate. If it has adult material I would mention it here.
  6. Rating of 1to 5 pages. (5 pages is like 5 stars or a grade of an A.)
  7. Link to actual story.


If you are interested please message me at or go to my facebook page

New Short Story

I normally write paranormal/occult/horror, but very early this morning I was inspired to write about a contestant on a reality TV show like Top Chef. (Actually it was because of Top Chef that I got the idea.) I posted my story on my wattpad account it’s free to read. . .

I am just glad to be writing again. It feels great after editing so long. I also got a chapter finished this past weekend. I love feeling productive.

Distractions and Feedback

I am so overwhelmed. My brains are fried. I haven’t worked on my editing for almost two weeks. This is driving me crazy. I need to sit down, grab my red pen, and just start editing. I want at least one of my projects done by the end of May.

However I am so easily distracted: I have the Internet right now, which makes it so much easier to get on facebook, play games, work on blogs, and chat. My Sims distracts me, because I would rather play than edit. My friends and family have been pulling me in different directions, because they need me to help with this or that. I try to schedule my edit time and something always comes up or my head believes I am just tired. I think I just don’t like editing. I know it needs to be done.
Writing doesn’t feel like work, but editing sure does!

I am a storyteller, then a writer. I’m not an editor. I just know that my grammar is horrible and my head works faster than my hands.

I have been posting my book “The Whispering Path,” for free (until April 18th which is Thursday.)
“The Whispering Path.” By Rebekah Wolveire
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I am looking feedback. I know my grammar is crazy. I try not to have on-going sentences. However my biggest problem is that I usually leave a word out here or there, because my story plays really fast in my head. Then I go to reread my work and my brain puts the word in even though it’s not there.
I am looking for feedback about the story. Are my characters not realistic? Do you like my character(s)? Is the story too long, too short? Do you get lost or confused at parts? Is there too much fat in my book? Can you see that is a paranormal thriller?
I need feedback, real feedback.

I’m distraught that I have over 100 downloads, and yet not one has giving me any feedback. Does anyone else seem to have this problem?

Writing Announcement

Writing announcements

I have been editing my first vampire book. In fact its book one out my vampire series which will be seven or eight books called The Crimson Shadow Collection.  I hope to get my book finished by late May and get my free copies from .

Until Thursday April 18th, my book “The Whispering Path” is free to download with coupon.

“The Whispering Path.” By Rebekah Wolveire
Is free for the next week (with coupon code)
Your coupon code is AT84H (not case-sensitive).
Expires April 18, 2013.


My boyfriend is currently try to start an online magazine. He wants it to be about horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Eternal Kingdoms is a magazine that has a target audience towards fantasy, science fiction, and horror. We are looking for authors to contribute short stories, and chapter novels. Artists are also welcome to contribute artwork that represents stories selected for each issue. This magazine will be set up in a mixture of styles.

We are looking for all kinds of writers: new or experienced. This is simply to get your name and writing out there. All writings need to be either horror, sci-fi, or fantasy based, and short enough that we can fit in a magazine. For example if a story is really long, you could divide it into two or three parts. (My boyfriend is in charge of this, and he just want to get stories out.)

Our website is currently under construction. We have facebook page We are just trying to get stories and writers together first. However if you have an interest or question please feel free to e-mail us at

This week only: my book free


“The Whispering Path.” By Rebekah Wolveire

Is free for the next week (with coupon code)

Your coupon code is AT84H (not case-sensitive).

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Please read and send feedback.