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5 Free Minutes

I have been feeling better. I visited some family and I got to get out of the house. It has helped.

Anyway, It was an accident that I posted the Day 9 of my writing Challenge on this page, but i am leaving it on the page.


The rest of my challenges are on/ will be on my person page with is open to the public

11407142_856665861075248_4347067413387021687_n Just write

I hope to get seriously back into my writing.


14 Day Challenge Day 9

I’m sorry my depression and anxiety cause me to have some writer’s block.


14 Day Challenge Day 9 Love story

This is continuing from Day 8’s story. . . (Link at bottom of the page)

Alex decided to check out the house and marked the location in his phone for directions. He drove fifteen miles east, two miles south, and several turns left, then turned right and turned left and right again. . . He finally drove if front of the white house with blue shutters. The grass was bright green and cut just like his dream.

He didn’t see any cars in the driveway when he pulled in. He assumed since he had the keys and there were no cars that no one was living there. He unlocked the door to see the house full of furniture and a fuzzy calico cat purring at his feet.

He slowly moved the cat and closed the door behind him.

Alex heard a noise coming from the back of the house. . .

“Hello, who is there?” Then he saw a red-headed woman in a silk robe and purple slippers walk out. She had a bowl of cat food in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

“I’m sorry, is July 1st already?”

“I will get my stuff out as fast as I can.” She seemed scrabbled. Then she stopped when she looked at Alex in his tight black tee shirt and dark jeans to match.

“It’s not rush I have six month lease on my apartment.” He mumbled.

“You look so much like him.” She bit her lip to hold back the tears.

“And you are?” Alex asked. . . noticing a sparking light from her ring.

“Darius, called me Honey. My real name is so silly.” She tried to laugh it off.

“What is it?” He was to the point.

“Sunshine Bell Mackie.” She laughed.

“My parents were special.” She laughed hoping he would laugh too. He chuckled lightly being polite.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” She offered placing her cat’s bowl on the floor two cats ran after the sound. . . the calico and a gray tiger.

“No thanks.” He wasn’t sure what to do, both could sense it.

“Would you like to sit down?” She offered. She knew he wanted answers.

“Sure,” they walked though the archway and sat in the living room.

“By the way, most of the furniture down here comes with the house, except the den, that is all mine.”

She explained.

“Again take your time. I’m in no rush to move in. I just found out I had a twin brother just a few days ago. I thought it was a prank by my friends.” He laughed his awkwardness off. She was confused.

“Why would they do a prank like that?” She sounded so serious.

“They are my friends, they just like to razz me.” He blew them and the conversation off.

“So what was Darius like?” He asked.

“He was charismatic and love to be on stage. He loved attention and always made people laugh.” She smiled taking a sip of her coffee.

“To me, he was my rock, and my world. It’s been tough. It happened so fast. . . so sudden. . .” she swallowed her tears hard.

“What exactly happened?” Alex felt left out in the dark.

“He was coming home from a late practice, and he and his friend Peter got T-boned by a truck driver that fell asleep at the wheel.” She started to cry. Alex looked around: he found a box of tissues. He reached across the table next to him, and then he handed them to her.

“He was going to visit you after he finished this play. He had just found out that he had a twin. That was a year ago. . . ” Alex had more questions.

“Wouldn’t you get the house?” He was confused.

“It belongs to your family. Didn’t your mother tell you?” She asked not sure exactly how much he knew.

“No, I never knew my mother, I was told she died when I was kid. I grow up with my aunt.” He explained remembering when she first gave him crayons and a blank paper. He smiled at the memory.

“Most of your family don’t communicate. Darius always felt that they kept him in the dark.” she sighed.

“He always lit up a room, and was the life of the party, except with your family. They all did their own thing.” She sighed again.

“How did he find out about me?”

“He had to get a physical for the next play in he was in, and they had mixed up your and his old recorders. He knew I research well, and he had me look up records and stuff on you. We heard about the artwork. We even wanted to see the gallery, but he had a show.” She smiled and welcomed the fluffy calico on her lap . . . it burped giving thanks for her feeding it. She laughed and kissed it forehead. She petted it while it spin in a tight circle and laid on her chest.

“Actually, I was wondering if you could paint me and my cats?” She asked.

“Sure,” he replied remembering the vision of him painting the calico cat and her ring.

“I like your ring,” He mentioned it.

“Yeah, Darius and I were married so he could research a role being a married man. He got the part. It was fun.”

“How long were married for?” He was curious. She appreciated it with a closed smile.

“Just under seven years. And before you ask. . . we met when he was doing a play at the local theater. I was in charge of props. I helped him with his lines several times, and then we just started to do more and more together.”

“The questions aren’t bothering, are they?” He was concerned he was irking the nice cat woman.

“No, no. It’s nice to have some human company besides my cats.” She laughed and pet the cat that was asleep in her lap.

“I’ll make you a deal. I will paint you and that cat if you tell me of my brother.” He looked at his cell phone playing a classical guitar riff. It was probably another client.

“How about next week?” She exclaimed.

“I’ll have the place clean by then.” She felt like she was pushing him off. He saw himself to the door.

“I need to get this. . .” She heard. . .

“Hello? This is Alexander. How may I help you?”

His weeks finally filled with more clients, but he wasn’t completely into it. He kept thinking about his brother and how he had to find out after his death. He also knew that Honey was the only link between the two of them. He scheduled to be at her house within the month, but time could not come fast enough. He had no idea of this piece of himself and he needed to know more. . .

“Alex, this not the quality of work that I used to pay for. . .” an older man was disappointed. The face wasn’t centered, and it just did not look professional.

“I’m sorry, I just found out that I had a brother and lost him within the same day.” Alex wasn’t looking for a pity party, but the man wrote out a check for a two hundred more than they had agreed.

“This is more than we agreed.” Alex didn’t want any extra.

“Please put something in a charity in his name. I know how it feels. ”

“Thanks, I will redo the painting if you would like.” Alex was flustered.

“Don’t worry, my wife will love the artistic hue to it.” The man took the crooked portrait and exited. Alex noticed that his work just wasn’t the same. In fact, he canceled a week of clients before he had to do Honey’s painting. He studied on how to draw and paint cats.

He finally got to Honey’s house. He was nervous, but not sure why. She was a very nice woman, and he knew he had talent. She sat on large fluffy chair with her calico cat on her lap, and the other cats laying above her on the chair.

He set up his camera.

“Why do you have a camera if it’s a painting?” Honey was curious.

“In case you move, I would have a picture that I can reply for perfect stillness.”

“That is clever.” She laughed.

“I learned when I was doing portraits of children. They never stay still.” He smiled keeping her and the cat in the camera.

“That way we chat also talk while I draw and paint.” He explained. He took several shots of them making sure he had the right one.

“You can relax a bit, I have the picture.” He almost sighed in his own spoken tone.

“So tell me about you and Darius.”

“He was my one and only.” She swallowed her tears.

“He was always the middle of party. He always had everyone attention.” Alex listened while he sketched the woman with her cats.

“What about you. . . did you like the stage?” She asked.

“Me, no, I did paint sets and such, but I was always the quiet one. I was always happy with a pencil or paint brush.” He smiled looking at her hand against the cat’s fur. It showed her ring just like in his dream. Everything just started to feel right again.

“I even wrote a few plays that your brother starred in.” She bragged.

“Really? You write? What do you write about?” She pulled in Alex’s attention.

“Darius favorite play was when I wrote him as a God looking down on the earth and how humanity was destroying each other, so he sent his helper, known as angels to help them.”

“Wow, Darius got to play a God.” Alex was impressed.

“Darius played a God, a vampire, a cat, a beggar, and a rich man. He studied people and just knew them so well. I think that is why he had to so many friends.” She petted the cat for comfort.

“What about you? Did you have a lot of friends?” Alex was curious about his brother’s wife.

“I was always a bit shy. My cats were my friends. He liked being here with because we both just be ourselves and wine down. I was a calming effect on him.” He could see she was in thought.

“He never got to read the project I am working on now.” She had tears falling from her eyes.

“What is that?” Alex was curious.

“I am working on a novel based on our lives. I have changed the names, but the stories are based on the little things we did.” She could see that he was interested.

“There was one time he had a show on my birthday so we had a picnic backstage. There was another time he had me stay up with him working on lines that I missed my class and he arranged it that I was able to retake the tests, and then he studied all night with me.” She started to cry.

“I’m sorry I am ruining your painting.” He handed her a tissues.

“No, I have the picture to work from.” They talked the rest of the afternoon. He finished and she offered him some cake and soda. They talked longer about families, art, and writing.

“Our live wasn’t like a movie, but our love story was ours. I believe you will find a beautiful woman who will make you stop painting for just second to live a life with her.”

“You know what I really do not need a house this big, so if you would like it, I can sign it over to you.”

“I have insurance money coming soon, I need to pay for something.”

“Just keep in touch, and tell me more stories of my brother, and that is payment enough.”

He was the first buy her novel when it was released two years later. However by then, he had known all of the stories, visiting her every Sunday. They remain friends and she was right. . . he did find a beautiful woman who encouraged his art, but he slowed down when she gave him three kids.

Another 5 minute Rant

First of all, on this blog I try to keep all things natural or positive. Secondly, I try my promote my own and other’s writings. If you want to know more about me you can read my other blog, my personal blog (I’m trying to get more readers on it.)

I am glad my 5 minute Rant and my facebook page got so many view over the week. http;// I have to give my boyfriend credit. He was the one who told me to not worry about the mess, it will still be there when I was done writing. (And it was. . . sigh)

If you also can’t write. . . just try to list ideas. . . and work from there.

I also make picture and music videos. . . where I get art or celebrity pic from the Internet and make a video. I also make music playlist for each project.  That is my you tube channel.

If you really can’t writing, then read.

Anyway, I hope you are all writing and/or reading out there. I hope to get more posted soon.

5 Minute Rant

I have to take a small break from my writing to just say something. . . I have been having issues with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. My writing has been effected from this. . . (However that is blog on it’s own.)

I just want to say it take ten minutes or an hour and just write. . . forget about the mess on the floor or the dishes in the sink or the kids terrorizing the cats. Just sit down and write whatever it is in your head. Reality will be there waiting for you.

I have been having issues with this. I see a mess and then the ideas in my head get push back because of the mess. However forget the mess for whatever time you need and just write.

Just write

Just get some words on the screen or page!