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Writing Decisions

I wanted to release Crimson Shadows Collection: Book 1 Melzela by my birthday December 13th, but some things came up.

I’m having some serious issues. . . with my book. I heard that if publish with createspace and kindle than most major publisher will not read or publish the book. This leaves me in kind of dilemma. . . I want my vampire series Crimson Shadow Collection to be published by a main stream publisher with a book tour. (Every Author’s dream right?)

I’m not sure what I should do. . .

  1. Release book 1 Melzela.
  2. Wait for all of the books to come out and then release them together which will be years.
  3. Or try to send Melzela to publisher and release a few short vampires stories relating to my series.

It took a week, words finally came out. . .

This has been the hardest NaNoWriMo to date. . . (Last year, I only about one hour to myself each day.. . .)

However I won, but it’s because I switched project one-fourth way through. Anyway, I don’t know how many other writers have done this, but I have to completely rewrite a section of my series. This part I had outlined for over two years. . . It is just not going to work. . . the character will not talk and my muses want to kill him. (I just keep thinking of the guy who was originally in the Beatles and left before they got famous. . . I mean this character is not going to know what he is missing.)

Anyway, I am flustered and yet I just want to dive into my new project. However I do not see my schedule free until December 3-4th. (11/26/2014)

I am currently working on a turkey, and researching how to format (for kindle) the first book of my vampire series Crimson Shadow Collection. ( 11/27/2014 11am)

Okay, so this blog has taken me three days to write. . . I am glad I was finished with NaNoWriMo, because I have been exhausted and I had writer’s block. For Thanksgiving I made. . . Turkey, gravy, two stuffings, mash potatoes, yam casserole, cream corn casserole, and I made pecan pie. I also baked a sweet potato and pumpkin pie as well. Then I had to clean it up. . . (I’ll screwed with a horrible sleep schedule, which as been giving me headache. I want to write a story now, but it is 2:29 in the morning and I should go and get some sleep.) (11/28/2014 2am)

Okay now it has taken me almost a week to write. . . The thing is over the next few months I have to overhaul book 2 because my main male character will not give me his story. He has self-esteem issues and believes that his story is not worth telling. However he has a lot of story once he turns into an immortal. However he feels he is a monster and he fight my muses using his morals as a stupid shield to hide behind.

I know where I am going, and I feel that I am going to allow my muses to win. . . they want to switch MMC half way through the book. I think it will be the stronger way to go. I am a character writer. . . .I love developing characters, so it had been so hard dealing with one that would not work with me.

1. What’s the biggest obstacle that stops you from finishing the writing projects you start? My biggest obstacle is usually distractions. This year friends were big on my distraction list, but I had not seen them in a while. However this year my biggest obstacle was the fact that my MMC had self-esteem issues and didn’t want to tell his story.

2. What’s the biggest obstacle that stops you from taking your completed first draft and turning it into something you can publish? That is easy my grammar.

3. Is there a particular stage in the publishing process where you usually find yourself stalling out? (writing, revisions, professional edits, formatting) It’s somewhere between rewrites and professional edits.

4. Have you ever worked with a writing coach, professional editor (any type) or a book doctor? How did that go? I’m not sure about it; I think sometimes their advice would work, and sometimes you might have to go the another way.

5. Are you more interested in publishing your own work or seeking publication with a legacy (traditional) publisher? Why? I want a main-stream (traditional) publisher, but in the mean time I am self publishing.

Crimson Shadow Crimson Book 1: Mezlela by Rebekah Wolveire:

What do people seek most in the world? Some would say money or fame, but many other would say love. . . Melzela was just the same, she was young woman in Jordan who wanted to find love like her mother had told in stories. She was hopeful when she met a group of friends from a distant land. However something went terribly wrong when she realized the sun burns her skin, and all she can intake in blood, human blood.