In the mind of a Writer

Writing Decisions

I wanted to release Crimson Shadows Collection: Book 1 Melzela by my birthday December 13th, but some things came up.

I’m having some serious issues. . . with my book. I heard that if publish with createspace and kindle than most major publisher will not read or publish the book. This leaves me in kind of dilemma. . . I want my vampire series Crimson Shadow Collection to be published by a main stream publisher with a book tour. (Every Author’s dream right?)

I’m not sure what I should do. . .

  1. Release book 1 Melzela.
  2. Wait for all of the books to come out and then release them together which will be years.
  3. Or try to send Melzela to publisher and release a few short vampires stories relating to my series.

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