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Happy Writing in 2014

Happy New Year! I’ve had some Internet problems or I would have had this posted a few weeks ago.
I hope my fellow writers are fiercely writing or researching for Camp NaNo (in April).
This year I do not want to make my writing an afterthought like I felt happen in 2013. I want to be able to write as much as I can, even if I have to take a notebook everywhere I go. (It’s only been 15 days into the month and so far I have written 17,120 words)

My New Year Goals

1. Write something everyday
2. Finished several projects (list below)
3. Work several new projects (list below)
4. Post at least two blogs a month (writing and personal blogs)
5. Read more (post suggestions: I prefer Paranormal/occult: No Twilight)
6. Work on Prompts
7. Therapy writing (writing straight out of my head)
8. Make monthly goals
9. Edit several Projects
10. Work on Characters for my vampire novel series: Crimson Shadow Collection

Projects to Finish

1. Darken Cake (Short Story)
2. He Said, She Said (Short Story)
3. Driving Lies (end)
4. Book 13
5. Blood Bound (Short Story)
6. College Story (Novel)
7. Dragon Story (Novel)

New Projects

1. Recipe Book
2. Urban Legend (book of Short stories)
3. More short stories
4. The Dice project
5. The Whispering Path Book 2
6. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 2: Daris (Title in progress)
7. Book of Confessions/ Karma (Short Stories)

Projects to Edit

1. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 1: Melzela
2. The Whispering Path Book 1
3. Driving Lies Part 1
4. Driving Lies Part 2
5. Driving Lies 3
6. Short Stories
7. All projects that I finish

January Goals

1. Writing every day
2. Make lists/goals
3. Work on Dice project (I will have a blog post on the Dice project)
4. Review my previous work
a. Melzela
b. The Whispering Path
c. Driving Lies
5. Get Inspired/ Find new ways to be inspired