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Help the Cats

I am a very big cat lover. I just saw this event in which all royalties will go to help cats.

This is the quote:

“It’s simple, I have a love for animals, especially cats. I donate to various no kill shelters whenever I get enough free money, which is hard to come by as we all know. I have a proposal and I need your help author and reader friends alike.”

“All people have to do is buy book #3 in my Drift series, BURN, after it is released this summer. My next two royalty checks after its release will be donated to either Operation Kindness or Dog and Kitty City. Thank you very much Rebekah for the help.”


Pick the title for my first Novella.

The Novella series is called Driving Lies. Image
This novella series is about a man who messes with cars so people would get into accidents. He kills several people in the series: four in book one. Book one takes place in the year 1993. (I started book two in high school in 1998 which takes place five years later.)

Driving Lies: Expedited Treason

Driving Lies: Accelerated Betrayal

Driving Lies: Velocious Damage

Driving Lies: Broken Trust

Driving Lies: Double-Dealing

Driving Lies: Double-Crossing

Driving Lies: Car Crash

Driving Lies: Crashed

Driving Lies: 1993

Driving Lies: (write in your own, the theme is car crash/accident)

Opening Lines


On my journey of editing my suspense/thriller novella (one of three in the Driving Lies Trilogy), I have learned a few things. . . one of these things I that you need a good first line and/or paragraph. You need to pull your readers in. (You don’t need it while writing draft one: draft one is getting the story on paper. However when you edit that is when you correct and tweak to have the detail make sense. That is when you write and rewrite the beginning to pull that reader in.)


I went through my kindle books: I read the beginning of each and out of 65 stories, there were 38 that had at least a C rating. (C rating meant that it at least made me want to read through the page.) Only 13 out of 38 had an A average.


If you make me question what is going (without confusing me), then you have pulled me in. If I want to read more than just first page, then I would really want to read more.

For example, the first line in Anne Rice’s novel The Vampire Armand . . . “They said a child had died in the attic. Her clothes had been discovered in the wall.” I want to know what is going to happen next, and what happened to the child.


I also enjoy when you can describe the setting so well that you make me feel I am there in the story. Raeanne Hadley is very good at pulling me into the setting of her books. “It was one of those spring mornings that made you glad you were alive. The air smelled of efflorescent flowers and blossoming trees, fresh cut grass and barbeque. The temperature was perfect; warm enough that you could have your windows open all day yet not hot enough to have to turn on air conditioning. It was still weeks away from getting so hot that it would melt the deodorant off your armpits. Everyone you passed had a smile and a wave. With all of these beautiful things happening around me, I knew I was going to have a rotten day.”
I love how I feel on those few and perfect days between Spring and Summer.


Hadley, RaeAnne (2012-01-01). Mechanics of Murder (Josephine Lingenfelter series) (Kindle Location 16). Lulu Publishing. Kindle Edition.


Rice, Anne (1998). The Vampire Armand. Ballantine Books.

Writing with Demons


The Good news is that I just finished editing one of my novella Driving Lies: Novella 1, and I hope to have Melzela corrected. This means I should have both of them on Amazon by July or August. It just depends on my motivation.


Speaking of motivation. . . it has been hard to maintain my motivation. I have serious depression, but I know if I go to a shrink that they will shove some damn pills down my throat. I know those pills will make me go one of two ways. . . they will numb me and silence my muse, which will make me go crazy, or they will emphasis my negative thoughts and make me worst than I am now. (Now come to think of it, both paths pretty much lead to a bad place.) My writing is the biggest release, so if I lost it, I would not want to live with me.

Writing with depression can be a pain. . . there are some days where I have 50 billion ideas stuck in my head, but I have no motivation to get to my computer and type. There are days where I look at my editing or a blank page and want to cry. There are days where everything distracts me and I get maybe a sentence or if I am really lucky a paragraph written. (Like today. . . I’m totally distracted.)


There are times where the demons in my head tell me:

What is the point? You won’t finish your series and if you do it’s not good enough to be mainstream published?”

You’re just not good enough, not unique enough.”

These “demons” can be louder than my muses, than my characters. One of them create red marks on story ideas that I haven’t thought to put to paper or screen yet. I just need to get these damned bitter demons out of my head. The worst part about it is that stress, worry, and frustration just make them stronger. I should write about them, but I am juist distracted again, damnit!


Okay, I wanted to publish this blog yesterday, but obliviously that did not happen. (Damn distaractions. Then once I finished with the distractions and made dinner. . . I passed out, exhausted.) It’s some of their ammo. . . distractions and depression. I need to find a way to destroy these both. . . any ideas?

Dark Confessions: Child of the Night

This was a writing challenge I wrote in 2008.

Dark Confessions: Child of the Night

Rebekah Wolveire © 2008-20014

“Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been. . .”

“Well, father maybe I should back up, and explain myself before I confess my sins and how long it’s been since I’ve confessed. When I was 25, I met a beautiful woman one night. She was stunning in her tight black dress, and I was very horny. We made our rounds, and then during mid climax, she bit me. I passed out and when I awoke she was gone.” He sighs.

“The next day food had no taste, and I was horribly thirsty. Water did nothing for me, and wine only got me smashed. I figure that she changed me into what I call a child of the night as I hate the sunlight. I crave a certain type of liquid that is warm, and it goes down like velvet on my tongue. The warmer it is the smoother and sweeter it tastes.” He licks his lips.

“Let me tell you father with this lifestyle, I am prone to sinning. I sin everyday. I have sinned so much I have broken all of the ten commandments, several times over. I have stolen things. I’ve had sex with women with no notation of ever marrying them. I have had sex with my neighbor’s wives. I’ve disobeyed my parents. I have even cursed god for what I am. Of course, I have killed as it is apart of what I am. I am killer, but I am no more of a killer than your local butcher. I have killed men, women, and children, but it to keep me alive. Is that what this world is, the survival of the fittest, right?” He laughs.

“I confess I love blood, especially type A/B. It is the most rare, and the sweetest. It drives me crazy when I hear the human heartbeat as it is tells me the truth . . . that mortals are made of blood, bone, and flesh. It is the sound of life. Bum. . . Bum. . . Bum!” He could hear the father’s heartbeat.

“You know I feel better now that I have confessed. However Father I am confessing that I am sorry for what I am about to do now.” The beating was driving him crazy.

Then he rips the screen open and bites on the neck of the priest. This happened so fast the priest couldn’t even scream out for help. Within minutes the priest is drained of his blood. The child of the night stood up looking at the lifeless body.

“As I was saying, ‘Bless me father for it’s been 2 minutes since my last confession.'”

Issues with my current project

Driving lies was supposed to be a novel taken from a script I wrote while in high school. (I thought at one point I wanted to be a script writer. However I knew I perfer writing novels and short stories after I wrote about what was going on in the characters mind. I mean voice-overs get complicated and confusing to understand when you add too many. However that is for another blog. . .)

It got complicated when I wrote during NaNoWriMo, and it turned into a much larger project. So now it’s a Novella trilogy. It is told from two different perspectives Jake Walters and Neve Penn. It’s a murder thriller/suspense/drama. . . I was going to make it a mystery, but between both persepectives, I don’t think I leave that much mystery. Jake Walters is a man who has the family dream: family and a good job etc. However he got mixed up with Neve’s family and he made a lot of bad decisions. Neve usually does not let thing get by her, and she knew that Jake was going to make a huge impact on family; she just did not know how big.


I am currently editing novella one. I hope to release it by the end of the summer. However I am having issues with mature scenes in the book. It is part of the story. . . it demostrates that Jake is capable of making bad choices, and therefore, his dream would never be perfect. However I want to write it in away that my readers know what is going on, but not make it sound like I am writing smut. (I’ve had the same issues with my book Melzela, but she is a prosuite during the time of Christ.) I don’t get descriptive in all of their actions, but I usually mention a exchange of money or smoking a cigarette after. Can one writing about sex and still make it sound classy?