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Another 5 minute Rant

First of all, on this blog I try to keep all things natural or positive. Secondly, I try my promote my own and other’s writings. If you want to know more about me you can read my other blog, my personal blog (I’m trying to get more readers on it.)

I am glad my 5 minute Rant and my facebook page got so many view over the week. http;// I have to give my boyfriend credit. He was the one who told me to not worry about the mess, it will still be there when I was done writing. (And it was. . . sigh)

If you also can’t write. . . just try to list ideas. . . and work from there.

I also make picture and music videos. . . where I get art or celebrity pic from the Internet and make a video. I also make music playlist for each project.  That is my you tube channel.

If you really can’t writing, then read.

Anyway, I hope you are all writing and/or reading out there. I hope to get more posted soon.


Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

Rebekah © June 2012

Sitting in a valley
With the humid rain
Tear pouring
Recycled pain

 All is complete
But nothing is done
Battles are fought
But nothing was won

Fighting with myself
Searching for release
Mojo is gone
There is no relieve

Happiness is far away
Hope is distant
Sadness replays
Greif is instant

Accomplishment in front of me
But I am blind
World strikes again
But I am still kind

Children’s laughter
Mocks my ears
I am barren
With only tears

 Sitting here alone
In my own defeat
It completed
So it is all just bitter sweet.