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Loki Prompt Challenge. . . ending

I have gotten at least ten out of twenty-five of the Loki Challenge done. I wanted more, but with family and personal issues, it just didn’t happen. Sometimes Life just gets in the way of my writing. . . it happens.

Starting September 21st until October 31 st. Then NaNoWriMo.  . . . I am starting a Supernatural horror theme. . . I am giving myself the goal of 20 posts. . . Supernatural (Show) or horror themed.

40 Days of Horror

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I will post these prompts on


Anyone have Fantasy story that they wanted published?

Have a fantasy novelette (8,000 to 20,000 words) that would you like published?

Daniel Thomas Hall is putting a fantasy anthology together. He is seeking stories that in genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror (supernatural/suspense). Stories must be no less then 8,000 words, but no more than 20,000 words.

Anthology of Fantasy of Novelettes called Tales from the Inner Realms

This is for writer’s to simply get their names out there and to be published. He is using for paperback copies which will published through and barnes and There is possible talk of making this an e-book through kindle.

Questions please email with the subject line Anthology questions.

E-mail entries to  with the subject line Anthology Entry.

Entries must be singled space and saved as a .doc file. (Please have the piece edited ahead of time).

No one more than three entries per author (Not all three entries may be selected depending on the number of authors we get.)

All entries must be in by 11:59pm (EST) June 15th, 2015.

In your e-mail please include
1. Story title
2. Author Name
3. Rating:
(G, general audience, PG, Parental guidance (Foul language) or PG-13 (medium violence), Using the movie rating system because I cannot find one for books.)
4. Any extra writing note (optional) What inspired the story? An extra note about the plot or character etc. It’s something extra that you want the reader to know, no more than 300 words. (Stephen King does in Everything Eventual; he does this at the beginning of the stories) We will post any story notes at the end of our stories to save the the readers on spoilers.
5. Small Author Bio Location of the author, family or friends that helped or inspired, when did yo start writing, and why? (You don’t have to add all of this, but this time to talk about you and promote your other work.) Add links and blogs here. (No more that 750 words)

Dark Confessions: Child of the Night

This was a writing challenge I wrote in 2008.

Dark Confessions: Child of the Night

Rebekah Wolveire © 2008-20014

“Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been. . .”

“Well, father maybe I should back up, and explain myself before I confess my sins and how long it’s been since I’ve confessed. When I was 25, I met a beautiful woman one night. She was stunning in her tight black dress, and I was very horny. We made our rounds, and then during mid climax, she bit me. I passed out and when I awoke she was gone.” He sighs.

“The next day food had no taste, and I was horribly thirsty. Water did nothing for me, and wine only got me smashed. I figure that she changed me into what I call a child of the night as I hate the sunlight. I crave a certain type of liquid that is warm, and it goes down like velvet on my tongue. The warmer it is the smoother and sweeter it tastes.” He licks his lips.

“Let me tell you father with this lifestyle, I am prone to sinning. I sin everyday. I have sinned so much I have broken all of the ten commandments, several times over. I have stolen things. I’ve had sex with women with no notation of ever marrying them. I have had sex with my neighbor’s wives. I’ve disobeyed my parents. I have even cursed god for what I am. Of course, I have killed as it is apart of what I am. I am killer, but I am no more of a killer than your local butcher. I have killed men, women, and children, but it to keep me alive. Is that what this world is, the survival of the fittest, right?” He laughs.

“I confess I love blood, especially type A/B. It is the most rare, and the sweetest. It drives me crazy when I hear the human heartbeat as it is tells me the truth . . . that mortals are made of blood, bone, and flesh. It is the sound of life. Bum. . . Bum. . . Bum!” He could hear the father’s heartbeat.

“You know I feel better now that I have confessed. However Father I am confessing that I am sorry for what I am about to do now.” The beating was driving him crazy.

Then he rips the screen open and bites on the neck of the priest. This happened so fast the priest couldn’t even scream out for help. Within minutes the priest is drained of his blood. The child of the night stood up looking at the lifeless body.

“As I was saying, ‘Bless me father for it’s been 2 minutes since my last confession.'”

New Story Review Corner

I had an idea. . . I was thinking of making a small review corner on my writing blog. I have been reading the book The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing and it says to read my genre. However I have learned I write in several genres: Paranormal; Occult; Vampire; thriller; drama; and mostly Horror. My favorite authors are Anne Rice and Stephen King.

What I was thinking was to read short stories or pieces of novels and give them reviews on my blog. I thought that if maybe I review a few others, then others would see and they could review as well. When I ask for feedback, I want to know if my characters are likable, and relatable. I want to know if my story is actually interesting. As a story-teller and writer, I basically want to know am I really bringing written art to the world or am I just wasting time? I want to know if there are others who want to read my work.


Fellow Writers. . . what I need for a review

  1. Title
  2. Pen name (Name you are publishing with)
  3. A link to the title, e-mail, or place where others can get your work.
  4. Webpages or other way that other people can ask questions about your work


  • I want no more than 50 computer pages 8×11.  No more than 25,000 words
    (If it part of a novel, then send me up 50 pages of most interesting part.)
  • You can add a picture. (No more than what wordpress allows, my blog is on word press)


This is how I plan to write my review.

  1. Title and author
  2. I want to write as little as one to two or as much as four to five sentences of summary.
  3. Then I will write some about the character/dialogue.
  4. Then I will write something about the storyline.
  5. Extra notes: if it made me emotional or I was able to relate. If it has adult material I would mention it here.
  6. Rating of 1to 5 pages. (5 pages is like 5 stars or a grade of an A.)
  7. Link to actual story.


If you are interested please message me at or go to my facebook page