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Yesterday and Today. . . NaNoWriMo So far.

Okay so far November has not gone as planned. . .

This was my plan for Halloween. . . do errands, pay rent, get extras (soap, candy, NaNoWriMo stuff etc.)

However we slept in and everything was off, so now I get to do all of those errands on Monday.

I did get to have lunch with a few good friends and the really cute, tiny mummy and pirate. (My friend’s twin boys that are three months old.)

NaNoWriMo so far. . . eh.

I was so excited, and I have been fighting a head cold (everyone is sick here.) and I have been easily distracted.

Okay, I have all these notes, outlines, and timelines for book 2 of my vampire series.

Actually the part I am working on for the three day (hopefully) is a tying piece from my first book, so it’s not just right a note and sprint. I have to reread the last chapter of the first book, (which I am still tweaking).

I have been fighting sickness, and read and reread what I had written, and all yesterday afternoon all I could get was 1026 words. I guess that was 1026 word than I had before. . . right?

Then I was stressed out over the issue with posting my word count. . . NaNoWriMo site kept giving me an error.

To-do List of what I need done today. . .

  • I need 2222 words written to catch up on NaNoWriMo.
  • Try to add an 1000 words (Monday will not have much time). 3222. . .
  • Reorganize Tom’s story that is in pieces
  • Edit what I can of book 1
  • Make a Monthly Menu
  • Make a grocery list
  • Make dinner
  • Go Shopping (Small list)
  • get some sleep