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Review: Dark Wishing Well by Lucian Wilde


My review for the book Dark Wishing Well By Lucian Wilde.


If I had to describe this book in one sentence: Looking upon the Dark Wishing Well is like looking into the vampires’ souls.

This book is very unique because writer Lucian Wilde took time and gather writings (wishes) from his fans. These were in all types of form, but many of them had a poetical forms. I really enjoyed reading the different perspectives. It is really thrilling: the beginning you are reading from the perspective of detective. You walk through vampire territory into the woods and you find a well. . . there are the wishes of many different vampires. I like it because I felt that you see into the into soul of each one. It’s like reading many secrets of the darken lives of these nocturnal beings. . . their hopes, their dreams, their dark secrets, their agony, their joy and so on. From one writer to another, I think it was really fantastical. . . it was inspiration to see from light and dark angles. I felt like I learn about not just Lucian Wilde, but his fans as well through the wishes.

I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. . . I felt that it was just a bit short. However I did enjoy the description, and the many wishes of the vampires. If you enjoy vampire books, I would highly propose reading this, because there are so many viewpoints of assorted vampires.


I also want to say one small note: I really appreciate being a part of the writing experience. I am also very grateful for Lucian Wilde and his fans for being so encouraging and patient. I hope that other writers take the chance to experience a group writing such as this. It was not just a piece I can put on my writing resume, but it a fun challenge in which I feel proud to be a part of.


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