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Writing Announcement

Writing announcements

I have been editing my first vampire book. In fact its book one out my vampire series which will be seven or eight books called The Crimson Shadow Collection.  I hope to get my book finished by late May and get my free copies from .

Until Thursday April 18th, my book “The Whispering Path” is free to download with coupon.

“The Whispering Path.” By Rebekah Wolveire
Is free for the next week (with coupon code)
Your coupon code is AT84H (not case-sensitive).
Expires April 18, 2013.


My boyfriend is currently try to start an online magazine. He wants it to be about horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Eternal Kingdoms is a magazine that has a target audience towards fantasy, science fiction, and horror. We are looking for authors to contribute short stories, and chapter novels. Artists are also welcome to contribute artwork that represents stories selected for each issue. This magazine will be set up in a mixture of styles.

We are looking for all kinds of writers: new or experienced. This is simply to get your name and writing out there. All writings need to be either horror, sci-fi, or fantasy based, and short enough that we can fit in a magazine. For example if a story is really long, you could divide it into two or three parts. (My boyfriend is in charge of this, and he just want to get stories out.)

Our website is currently under construction. We have facebook page We are just trying to get stories and writers together first. However if you have an interest or question please feel free to e-mail us at