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Walk Out

I will admit as a writer, there are moments where I would like to drink or do drugs. (God knows I have taken a few aspirins for headaches.) I just don’t think that it is right as an interviewer to push it (as it I mean the past) onto other writers, artists, and actors.

I am a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr. I loved him in the “Pick Up Artist” and “Wonder Boys.” I adore him as Iron Man. I know he has a shady past, but I believe that these movies and his family (or at least I hope so) have made him a better person. I would like to think that even actors can have some moment of privacy or least to let the past be in the past.

I think this interviewer used the movie simply to make a blow at the negative things Robert Downey Jr. said and did. . . they are said and done. . . we have all over on . . . why hasn’t this guy?

If you call to promote the movie, then promote the movie. . . don’t bash his past.

He walked out on his interview, and I would have done the same thing.