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First Seven Link of my 14 Day Writing Challenge

Links to the first seven days of my 14 day Writing challenge. . .


Day 1 Autobiography

Day 2 Fanfiction Supernatural meet Thor and Loki

Day 3 Reviews

Day 4 Rant

Day 5 Letter Writing Part 1

Day 6 Feelings

Day 7 Poem

The blog link is

I also have Day 8 posted on there. I have a health issue and now I am three days behind, but I plan to post them as soon as I can.



Fanfiction Links

Rebekah and I go by Rebekah or Rebekah Wolveire. I write drama, suspense, and some adult romance in Thor, Supernatural, and Revenge Fan-Fictions. I use fan-fiction to help me break my writer’s block.. I also write own paranormal/thriller/occult characters and novels. I post on the following pages. . .

I also hope to post some poetry. . . I need to write a poetry book by September for a publishing contest.

Facebook page

New Writing Challenge

I’ve had writer’s block for over six months, and now I am just over it! I found a 14 day challenge on facebook, and I am going to try it. For the next fourteen days, I will post each challenge on my personal blog. . .


Because of my weird sleep schedule. . . I am starting today (Friday June 5, 2015), but I will post it on Saturday June 6, 2015.

So you can see new writings of mine from June 6th to June 20th on my personal blog.

There is no word count limit. . . this is just to get me writing something everyday.

If you know of any other challenge, please send them my way. . .