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April 2014 so far. . .

What is going on. . .

Many of my online friends, who are writers, know that Camp NaNo just begun. I would love to start my second book of my vampire series, but I’m editing last year’s NaNoWriMo project so I can get the proof from createspace and get the final edit before June 30th. (This year we get two copies for only the fee of shipping.) (I also know I probably will not reach 50,000 words, between researching houses for my boyfriend, researching for book 2 of my vampire series, editing several projects, reading, and blogging etc., so I decided I just cannot do Camp NaNo this year.)

I don’t want to stop writing: I wrote over 100,000 words in the first quarter of 2014. . . I would love to keep it up, so I am writing blogs, short stories, story reviews. . . so if you have a short story preferably in the horror, suspense, occult, paranormal, or drama genres. (Please no Twilight fan fiction). I am willing to read your sent stories, and post an review. (If your story is not one of those genres, but you still want me to read, please just message me. My information is on the contact page.)

It is also the first time that I have decided to scrap a project. . . it was a short story about one of my ex’s. I think I have just changed too much as a person and a writer than to continue the way, I had been going with that story. . . However I think if I do write a story for closure. . . I will make sure I do it in one setting. . . that is why I never finished it, I kept saying I would finish it in another setting and it never happened. It’s been over five years since I had written it, (a lot has happened to me in five years. . .) However I cannot stand not finishing things. . . maybe it’s OCD. . . maybe it’s a just a closure issue. However very rarely do I not finish something that I start. (A piece of me feels like I have failed by not finishing, but I just cannot go back to that part of myself. . . it’s like a dark, dry place of land that will not grow new, valuable ideas.) Does anyone feel like this?

My goals for this month. . .

1. Write at least 25 blogs between this blog, my personal blog, and my spiritual blog
2. Edit Driving Lies Part 1
3. Get Proof for Driving Lies Part 1
4. Get some sleep
5. Work on some short stories


Happy Writing in 2014

Happy New Year! I’ve had some Internet problems or I would have had this posted a few weeks ago.
I hope my fellow writers are fiercely writing or researching for Camp NaNo (in April).
This year I do not want to make my writing an afterthought like I felt happen in 2013. I want to be able to write as much as I can, even if I have to take a notebook everywhere I go. (It’s only been 15 days into the month and so far I have written 17,120 words)

My New Year Goals

1. Write something everyday
2. Finished several projects (list below)
3. Work several new projects (list below)
4. Post at least two blogs a month (writing and personal blogs)
5. Read more (post suggestions: I prefer Paranormal/occult: No Twilight)
6. Work on Prompts
7. Therapy writing (writing straight out of my head)
8. Make monthly goals
9. Edit several Projects
10. Work on Characters for my vampire novel series: Crimson Shadow Collection

Projects to Finish

1. Darken Cake (Short Story)
2. He Said, She Said (Short Story)
3. Driving Lies (end)
4. Book 13
5. Blood Bound (Short Story)
6. College Story (Novel)
7. Dragon Story (Novel)

New Projects

1. Recipe Book
2. Urban Legend (book of Short stories)
3. More short stories
4. The Dice project
5. The Whispering Path Book 2
6. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 2: Daris (Title in progress)
7. Book of Confessions/ Karma (Short Stories)

Projects to Edit

1. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 1: Melzela
2. The Whispering Path Book 1
3. Driving Lies Part 1
4. Driving Lies Part 2
5. Driving Lies 3
6. Short Stories
7. All projects that I finish

January Goals

1. Writing every day
2. Make lists/goals
3. Work on Dice project (I will have a blog post on the Dice project)
4. Review my previous work
a. Melzela
b. The Whispering Path
c. Driving Lies
5. Get Inspired/ Find new ways to be inspired


Beta Reader lessons


I had around 50 beta readers. Some would say that it was too many readers, but by September 1st, I had only gotten about 10 messages back with feedback. I had also gotten a few extra messages from those who knew the 1st was coming, but that they hadn’t finished and needed more time. I was fine with that.  I wasn’t online on the first as I had monthly errands to do, so I had given my readers an extra week.

I knew when I decided to have readers that at least 1/4th would lose interest, 1/4th would have something happen in their lives, and at least 1/4th would need extra time. I believe that at least 10% would just forget.
 I was pretty surprised that 40% answered back on the 1st or before.


I have gotten some pretty good, useable feedback. There have been many suggestions that I am already trying to add and/or change to my novel now.

I am very grateful that so many read the novel and gave their feedback.


Things I have learned from beta readers. . .


You need to have flexibility. You never know when life is going to give you and /or your beta readers challenges / obstacles. This can push them away from the novel. If you have a deadline then you simply need to cut those who have not given you feedback.

(Parentheses) are frown upon. I had some parentheses on a few of my lines. I had questions while editing the second times, and I forgot to go back. They distract the readers. I know I use them on my blogs. . . do they distract anyone reading my blogs? Please let me know.

Do not get offended by the feedback. Every one has their own opinion or angle. I read all feedback. I may not agree with it, but sometimes I someone needs to tell me when something doesn’t make sense in my work.  

It’s not over—not by a long shot. I still need to edit. It never stops. Writing is art, and I believe that true art is never done.

My Goals for the rest of 2013

Writing and Editing Goals For 2013


Novels or Stories to finish

  1. Driving Lies
  2. College Guys
  3. He Said She Said
  4. Darken Cake
  5. Blood Bounded
  6. Blood Lust


Novels or Stories to edit

  1. Kerrick
  2. The Whispering Path
  3. Driving Lies
  4. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 1 Melzela


Novel or Stories to start

  1. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 2
  2. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 3
  3. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 4
  4. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 5
  5. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 6
  6. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 7
  7. Crimson Shadow Collection Book 8
  8. Urban Legends
  9. Book of 13
  10. Book of Karma

More about Beta Readers

When I had posted requests for beta readers, I that gotten a lot of different reactions: some were unsure as they were never a beta reader before, and other thought it was unfair of me to ask others to promise feedback. However as I read more about beta readers,  I learned that they read and gave feedback. (I do not feel I am better, than any other writer, I just want to make book the best I can. I want everyone to enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.)

I am not asking for a professional review. I just want some people to read my story and to honestly tell me what they think. These are their own thoughts and they cannot be wrong or lose anything. At least if someone tells me what they think, they can at least know that their ideas will be highly considered in my third large edit.


I learned a lot from my first book: I advertised, gave my book out for free, and I barely got feedback. However if I noticed other writers using beta readers, and they were pretty happy with the response. I am hoping for the same.


Why I want beta readers?


I am very passion about horror writing: especially vampires, ghosts, and urban legends. I really hope to get my vampire series mainstream published. This is just book one. I have the other seven books outlined.

I’m seeking beta readers because I want to know to if my characters are believable, likable and if the story is interesting enough. I really would like to know your thoughts.

New Short Story

I normally write paranormal/occult/horror, but very early this morning I was inspired to write about a contestant on a reality TV show like Top Chef. (Actually it was because of Top Chef that I got the idea.) I posted my story on my wattpad account it’s free to read. . .

I am just glad to be writing again. It feels great after editing so long. I also got a chapter finished this past weekend. I love feeling productive.

Distractions and Feedback

I am so overwhelmed. My brains are fried. I haven’t worked on my editing for almost two weeks. This is driving me crazy. I need to sit down, grab my red pen, and just start editing. I want at least one of my projects done by the end of May.

However I am so easily distracted: I have the Internet right now, which makes it so much easier to get on facebook, play games, work on blogs, and chat. My Sims distracts me, because I would rather play than edit. My friends and family have been pulling me in different directions, because they need me to help with this or that. I try to schedule my edit time and something always comes up or my head believes I am just tired. I think I just don’t like editing. I know it needs to be done.
Writing doesn’t feel like work, but editing sure does!

I am a storyteller, then a writer. I’m not an editor. I just know that my grammar is horrible and my head works faster than my hands.

I have been posting my book “The Whispering Path,” for free (until April 18th which is Thursday.)
“The Whispering Path.” By Rebekah Wolveire
Is free for the next week (with coupon code)
Your coupon code is AT84H (not case-sensitive).
 Expires April 18, 2013.

I am looking feedback. I know my grammar is crazy. I try not to have on-going sentences. However my biggest problem is that I usually leave a word out here or there, because my story plays really fast in my head. Then I go to reread my work and my brain puts the word in even though it’s not there.
I am looking for feedback about the story. Are my characters not realistic? Do you like my character(s)? Is the story too long, too short? Do you get lost or confused at parts? Is there too much fat in my book? Can you see that is a paranormal thriller?
I need feedback, real feedback.

I’m distraught that I have over 100 downloads, and yet not one has giving me any feedback. Does anyone else seem to have this problem?