In the mind of a Writer


Okay, I need to be working on my novel right however I am cold, and I started my day choking on my hot tea and giving my computer a shower. It’s OK, I cleaned it off, and it seems to be working.

I’m currently about six thousand words behind give or take. We had a busy weekend with friends that was expected and unplanned, but for what it was worth, I enjoyed it. ( but the spicy dip that is still upsetting the balance in my stomach.)

The first three years, I breezed by this challenge, but the last two years, I have struggled tooth and nail to get words out. Last year no one would leave me alone long enough, I had to do most of my work between one am to five am so just I had at least one hour of my own time. This year I am having a hard time getting my character to tell my muses his story. (Everyone has a story worth telling. . . I mean after the second chapter he is a vampire. I don’t care if he goes on and on how he hates being a vampire, I just wish he would help my muses.)

I wrote this on November 15th, 2014
Me: Has he (MMC) started to talk yet?
Muse 1: No. He’s won’t tell us his story.
Muse 2: He’s been silent.
Muse 1: Damn, I just said that. Grrrr.
Muse 2: Sorry.
Me: Muses, please have you done anything to make him talk?
Muse 1: We tried to the bribery.
Muse 2: You know talking about possible fame and getting a percentage of the movie.
Muse 1: It was a no go.
Muse 2: I would have told my story for a percentage of my own movie.
Muse 1: What would that be of you writing someone’s story? (Laughs.)
Me: (Clears my throat): Have you used other ways to make him talk?
(Muses chase MMC around with power tools. I just shake my head. It look like this story does not want to be written just yet.)
Just like they said in How I Met Your Mother. . . “Nothing good happens after 2am.” Well 2am and I have been having this argument with my MMC and my muses for days.

I’m also helping my fiancé with a few of the short stories he is working on for NaNoWriMo. . . he has been linking them together as well.

My goal today is to at least three to four thousand words written today. . . at this point I don’t care if it is my story, or the stories I am helping him with. I would just feel more comfortable if I was caught up.

I also know that I need to rewrite and finish editing Melzela Book one of my Vampire series Crimson Shadow Collection. I wanted to have it release on Amazon Kindle by Dec 13th my birthday.

I got several stories outlined and my to-do list written this morning and that was before breakfast. I just want to get as much done before 4pm . . . because I always get sleepy then.

I have a small group of very determined writers who I do sprints with. . . they really any awesome support. It just seems like this year since NaNoWriMo pinned their constant schedule that it just seems there are more complaining and/or research threads. . . I have been a little worried, because the amount of encouraging threats just have not be high enough this year. . .

It is day 18. . .

for my fellow writers who have hit the FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS. . . Dance, Party, throws confetti!

For those who are just getting there. . . just take it one step at a time. . . you can do 1667 each day. . . you can do it! You have just twelve more days! You will reach the FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS. . . YOU CAN DO IT!

For those who are behind (whether it’s one word or fifty thousand. . . there is over a week. I have seen people pull off fifty thousand words in a day. . . just get some coffee, tea, soda, a small, snack, some good tunes, and your muses. You sit in front of the screen and type what your muses and characters tell you. YOU CAN DO IT! I will see you at the finish line.

This Week Goals. . .

I wanted to get up forty thousand or higher by Saturday afternoon, I know that this next weekend is supposed to be as busy as last weekend.

I want Melzela to be edited and ready to format by next week.

I want both stories I am help my fiancé write finished by November 25th.

I want a good chunk of Book 2 written by November 30th.

I want at least fifty thousand words written by November 30th.

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