In the mind of a Writer

Okay, I should be writing my novel. I should be prepping for dinner (Orange Chicken). . . However I am sitting at my computer with a can of Pepsi.

I have been seeing and others have been seeing that there hasn’t been a lot of encouragement for NaNoWriMo this year. Well. . . that is going to stop now. . .

If you are working on NaNoWriMo or a Novel Or a story or even a paper. . . you will finish it, and after you tweak it a few billion times. . . it will be freakin’ outstanding. . .

For those who are behind in their word count (me included). . . we will do this, we will get to pass the finish line before midnight of November 30th, 2014 . . .

We will write our hearts out and type our fingertips away. . . there may be injuries, but we will type through them and were our war scars proudly. (It’s Veteran’s day, so I was inspired.)

Give yourself daily and weekly goals, and take time to celebrate each goal.*

However if you are distracted from Internet then turn your internet connection and use a kitchen timer and give yourself sprints. . . The races of words for NaNoWriMo is of yourself. Do not get discourage when you see other post that they have 10,287 or 15,983 or 49,999 or that they are on their second project. . . just press the like button and move on. You will get there too.

My favorite if your character and muse are arguing about a part of the book. . . then just work on a different part. . . I had to do this already.

Biggest part of this is to HAVE FUN!!!!!!

* I have facebook games that I play, and treats for my goals, but this is my ultimate goal. . . I get to take her home once I finish writing 50,000 words and I buy her a litter box, food dish, and toys. We named her MoMo


Comments on: "Pom-Poms You Can Do It. . . Finish NaNoWriMo" (1)

  1. Oh what sweet, furry, purr-tastic motivation :-). Yes! We will do this!!

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