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This and That in April

Okay . . . I have just posted the review that I meant to post in January. It was a adult related book. I have realize something . . . I am adult (still being a kid at heart), but since I don’t have kids. . . I don’t have to worry about what I read or write as long as I post a warning.

(I am like three to four months behind on my book/story reviews. I hope to be able to get a few more in May, June, and July.)

April, I am working on a secret project in only a few people know about it. . . (NaNoWriMo Facebook group and the writers in my NaNo cabin.)

Three things about the new project. . .

  1. I will say this a good friend of mine is the inspiration for this.
  2. This is out of my comfort zone. This is not in my normal writing genre. I have been researching a lot for this.
  3. This project has the possibility of being something bigger if it works out for me.

As for my writing Review in April is going to be certain chapters of my friend’s (TrinityVampire83) fan-fiction. Growing up we wrote many things together, and she was one of people who saw my writing when everyone else saw my music. She was one of the first people to get me into the Anne Rice vampires.

Years have pulled us away, you know how that it is. . . life goes on. She works, goes to college, and then has kids, while I go to college and down my own path.

We got reunited again at a surprise party, that my very loving boyfriend had set up, and she tells me that she back into writing. She writes Marvel fan-fiction (her favorite is Loki). However she is a very talented writer with anything she wants to write. I want to help promote her work . . .

I know that it is not quiet April yet, but I have had her story sitting on my computer since Mid-Febuary so I am going to post a few reviews ahead of time. . .


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