In the mind of a Writer

Emotional Rollercoaster

It has been a while since I have written. I’ve had a bad case of writer’s block. I’m not sure what causes it, but I do know that I had have a hard time getting ideas to move from my brain to my fingers. I have so much just stuck in there. I feel like I have mental constipation. I know it sounds kind of gross and graphic, but it’s true. I have recorded a few things, but it has been hard to find a quiet enough time to just work thoughts out. I feel like I’m stuck in a room where I have everything, but what I need or want.

This was written February 25th, 2015

I have been through an emotional rollercoaster, and to protect those who went on this with me, all names will not be mentioned. (They know who they are.)

I guess what they say the emotional rollercoaster will come in my advantage. . . “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Or makes you stay in a bed fort getting boxed food for while. Or gives you motivation and inspiration. . . I think it has done all three. I think I will write more about it in my personal blog

Anyway, I am participating in Camp NaNo in April. I am doing a piece that is defaintly out of my comfort zone, but it has to do with what I went through in February-March. (All I have to say is that you will never die if you know a writer . . . you will live forever in their words.) I mentioned about it in the facebook NaNoWriMo group.

Now I am researching, and writing Flash Fanfiction. . . (I would mention about that on my personal blog—see link above)

I just applied for an at-home job, so I hope to get it. I know this means less time for writing, but I know I need to get my priorities straight. Tom and I want a house.

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