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Long Over Due

I’ve had depression for a while, and I have been fight tooth and nail to focus long enough to write this blog or anything really. . .

I am trying to get a job, because editors and publisher are not going to pay for themselves. . . unless I become big overnight. (I do appreciate my fiancé Tom editing for me. However I know with all of the projects he has going on, finding time to edit my other works is going to be difficult.)
I wanted to release my book Crimson Shadow Collection: Book 1: Melzela with kindle, but I decided that it would be best if I hold off a bit. I heard that if you self-publish that the professional publishing companies will not necessarily sign you because of copyrights and ownership issues. I really want my series Crimson Shadow Collection to be published by a mainstream company.

However did give myself some goals. . .

Reading (because every great writer, needs to read). . . I want to read at least 12 novels this years. . . that averages one a month, and I also want to read more short stories. . . I plan to post reviews on here and wherever the author needs me too. The genres I likes. . . paranormal/occult: vampires, witches, paranormal romance, paranormal erotica, and urban legends. Message me your suggestions. . .

I want 2015 to be a finishing year. . . I have so many projects that I have started, and so many stories that need editing. (If I get a new idea I do plan to work on that as well.)

  1. Driving lies Novella trilogy needs to be finished and edited
  2. Several my short stories need to be edited.
  3. I promised Tom I would help him with a few of his stories and I need to finish those.
  4. I also want to blog more and write more poetry.

It’s 2am and I am exhausted so I am going to stop here for now.

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  1. I know about depression; just hang in and keep working on your goals. I’ve found writing sometimes helps push me through.

    I’ve heard that about publishers, too–and then you remember that “50 Shades” and a couple of other stories started out as fan fiction showing up on the Internet. If you self publish you can always pull that work if you manage to sell it; just make sure you negotiate the rights so they are in your advantage.

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