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Impulsive Blogs

Impulsive Blogs. . .

I try not to do impuslive blogs. . . I want to explain my previous blog. . . I have been really rushed with my to-do list which has gotten bigger, and I am been losing time. . . I have friend whom I haven’t seen in a while want to hang out, and trick or treat tonight. (We get to pass out candy and scare kids. . .)

Anyway, I get on wordpress to see who read my previous blogs, and I get this blog for a writng 12 month challenge. . . curious I click on the page. I’m sorry for my impulsiveness.

I clicked on the page and this is what it said:

It’s absolutely FREE to take the Challenge.

That’s right. For exactly $0*, you get:

  • A personalized Challenge Dashboard to keep you on track.
  • Your own Daily Success Journal to celebrate your progress.
  • Access to the discussion forum and our growing community of writers”

Do not put free is big letters, but then once you sign in try to charge $9.95 per month (for the cheapest package.) It sounds like a scam. . . no to mention I haven’t heard any of your books, so why would trust to give my hard earned money to someone I have never heard of?

However I click on the next page and I get this. . .

All this for just $9.95/month.

Actually, normal price for everything I just mentioned is $348 a year, or $29/month. But right now I’m offering an introductory deal to the general public for a fraction of that: $9.95/month.

So you could take your 7-day free trial and then pay 10 bucks or so every month.

But I have an even better deal just for you.

Since you are taking the 12-Month Author Challenge, I’m going to give you full site access for just $59 for the entire year (less than $5/month), but only if you sign up right now. Over 80% off—I’m practically giving this away!”

I think if they advertised their work more and were honest, then I would be more open into looking at it.

The thing when it comes to get my books finished. . . I am always up for a challenge, but only if people are honest about the challenge at the beginning. I feel like with this challenge if I don’t pay, it won’t happen.

Here is the link. . . if you want to pay and try the challenge, please let me know how you do. . .

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  1. Second post I’ve seen today remarking on this challenge and the rather bait and switch way it’s being presented. As I commented on the other post, thank you for sharing what you found out. I was actually considering it as it was listed as “free”, but now, this is two strikes. I’m not going to be pressed about getting a third. Thanks again.

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