In the mind of a Writer


For me, writing is almost always fun. Notice how I said, ‘almost’?

Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I have to dig deep, plant my ass in the chair and get the words down because it’s my job.

It’s times like that when you need to make it fun.Which is wehre these little writing aids come in.

1) Written? Kitten!

This site is awesome because  you can set it to what every word count you want to be rewarded for and then…you start typing. When you hit your target a kitten appears. That’s right. A kitten! Thanks to blogging and Twitter friend, Amber West for turning me onto this one.

My random ramblings produced a kitten!

2) Write or Die

This one works on the theory that “A tangible consequence is more effective than an intangible reward.” And it’s great if you’re the kind of writer who works well with consequences, bad…

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