In the mind of a Writer

I know this doesn’t have to do with writing, but if someone could threat gamers, what is to stop them from threatening writers too. I consider myself a blogger, so I felt I needed to get this out before I write/edit tonight.

Okay I am steaming. . .

My fiance has been trying to get me into gaming for years. I play Sims, Mortal Kombat, a little Sky Rim, Price is Right, and You don’t Know Jack. I’m ok at Modern Warfare 3, but I suck at Halo. I even play NFL football with my fiance sometimes. I love watching him play L.A. Noire, Silent Hill Series. He has been slowly getting me into Dead Island. Now I will admit I am not into all of his games, but a lot of guys would think it’s hot that chick is in gaming. (I’m also in DnD and Vampire Role-play, but that is another blog).

Anyway, there are a group of really insecure guys that have been threating women gamers, critics, and bloggers. . . Well, I have news for you boys. . . women are just as much in the gaming field as men. They have women writers, designers, voice actresses, programmers, those people that use the computer effects for movement, etc. There is no reason a woman cannot play, comment, or blog about gaming. I think deep down you are scared that one day will get beaten by a girl. You are probably the guy who beats the game in less than 24 hours and never really enjoys what it for anyway.

I do not think this right. I think that anyone should enjoy gaming and not be afraid to talk to their fellow gamers. As for those who have been threatening, I say “bring it on,” because you are stopping me from enjoying a video game!


Comments on: "Everyone Should be able to freely play Videogames" (2)

  1. I used to be a gamer, and I only stopped because there were too many young kids harassing everyone and just kids I guess! lol But it became too much. It’s amazing how brave people can be when they aren’t ‘present’.

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