In the mind of a Writer

How October is going. . .

It is almost October 2nd which means I have just about 30 days before NaNoWriMo starts. . . However I also have several things going on this month.

Tom and I are going to tie the knot. . . We are hoping Oct 16th, but we don’t yet. It may also be in November. . . We are keeping it extremely simple. The thing is we both are only doing it because we feel society is pushing us to do so with benefits. Honestly, we both love each other and what we have here.

Halloween, Tom and I actually have costumes, and a very active street. . . so we defiantly doing something for Halloween. . . scaring little kids and then letting them take some candy.

I plan to start my second vampire book and to release my first vampire book by December. I have to work on outlines, lists, and notes for that story.

I am also helping Tom with his book of short stories, he wants to write 50k for NaNoWriMo. . . we have two working computers now, so I hope we can do this.

I am also rerwriting, subtracting, adding to my first vampire book Melzela. Tom and I found a few errors that keep the story from flowing, so it got pushed back. I wanted to publish it on Kindle in October, but I need to run through it again this month.

So this is a very busy month. . .

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