In the mind of a Writer


Prompt Ideas. . .


  1. Relating to Familar Strangers. Take three random people know or make up something about those you don’t know, but do not mention their names just describe them as cleverly and creatively as you can: Try to do this within one or two sentences. For example. a. I’m stuck in the chaos within the ever-changing house of a convulsive, flighty woman who best not be named. b. His personalities spoke to everyone, but they never commuciated amoung themselves. He denied all of their doings when confronted. c. The difficult man limped knowing about the artificialness he had on his left side, and on his right side all he had were empty opintions with no facts. He believed was always right, and this was drove everyone away.

Note: This could be someone you know or you could make up something about a stranger.

  1. Setting up life. Write out simple set up . . . write three scenerios for that simple set-up. For Example: Set-up: There are two young women walking, both are about 21. One is thin with bright red hair chin length: let’s call her Anna. The other woman is cubby, curvy holding a six month old baby boy; her name is Daisy. Why are they walking? a. They are best friends and they are babysitting. They walking the baby, because the baby’s parent forgot to bring a stroller and not enough diapers. They are going to the store for more diapers. b. Daisy is holding Anna’s kid, but she has post-partem depression. Daisy feels she need to not just watch the baby, but she has to take care of her friend as well.
  2. It’s Daisy’s nephew, and they had to the baby out of the house, because her brother and his wife are fighting. Daisy and Anna didn’t want the baby in the hostile environment.

Note: There are a dozen more scenerios, but all you need to do is pick three and write them down in a notebook for future times when you just need something to write about.

  1. Houses down the Street. Go to a random corner, look down the street, and write about three seperate houses on that street. Describe the houses within a sentence or two. You can even add a story about how the family might live in the house. For example:
  2. There was a white house just two houses from the busy corner. The square pillars on both of the open white porches felt welcoming . . . Four seperate families live there, but they all always go in different directions and schedules. They may live next to each other, but they rarely hang out together. House could tell stories, but years have made the white paint create an aged wisdom.
  3. There was a house about four house down the street. It was old, the aged green and brown paint job was desperately in need of a touch up. However there was a three story tower that stood up proudfully as if to say I stood tall through it all. The house was between owners, and it just sat there listening to the loud fighting words of the noisy neighbors going on about trivial things. c. There is a gray-blue house that sat at the corner. It seemed to sad, the porch had a screened mesh on it closing it’s life. Cars would pull in and out, life going on whether or not the house needed something. It didn’t feel like a house, but just a blue building with white trimming: there was no spirit there. (It just made me feel so sad.)

Note: Don’t use the real address unless you are writing a biography. If you are writing fiction always change names and addresses.

  1. 10 word or 50 Word Stories. . . Write a story with just a certain about of words. Most common are 10, 20, 25, 50 or even 100. (I write ten word stories for often.)

For Example: (This the same story about a young women’s secret past.) a. (10 words) She ran hard trying to leave her haunting past behind.

  1. (50 Words) All she could hear was whispering, she wondered if they were talking about her. She wondered if they were judging based on a bad mistake. She couldn’t take it anymore the cat was out of the bag. . . everyone knew he secret. She only did it once, never again. c. (100 Words) Her name was changed, her hair was dyed, and she even changed her habits. She was a new person just hoping to start a new life. She knew nothing was wrong with starting a new life. But there was a part of her that paralyzed by her past of what she felt was a million regrets, hours of judgment, and nights of tossing and turning. The words echoed in her head “Don’t worry; we won’t get caught.” The words that would change her life forever. She thought she could believe him. . . he was wrong. . . it all was wrong!



  1. Play List Blues. . . Pick three songs on your playlist and write stories about this.

For example:

  1. Song “So Far Away” by Carole King I wrote another letter. . . it’s the third letter that week. I really missed him; my boss was yelling at me over a situation that had nothing to do with me. Normally, I would come home and he would rub my feet telling me it’s ok. Why did he have to get that job four states away? I wished I could hold him just one more time.
  2. Song “Love in the Elevator” by Aerosmith The elevator made a dinging sound on each floor; I had heard three dings before he walked into the small closet space with me. He had tight chistled ab under his wife-beater tank top. His scent was a mixture of his own sweat and some name brand cologne, I couldn’t tell which one it was, but I liked it. He said “hi,” I echoed “hi” back, but I could feel my face become beet red. In my head we would doing a lot more then just saying “hi.” We were rolling on the floor while it was going up and down from floor to floor, and we would climax just as the door opened. The door opened with ding on the fifteenth floor, and I got off. . . and I said “Thanks.” He Just smiled.
  3. Song “If It All Ended Tomorrow” John Cena She had no idea what was going on. . . she just saw the news reports. . . “collect your love ones and cherish your last day. . .” The countries couldn’t peacefully agree on anything so they decided to try and each other out. They were all allowed one day of peace to spend with your family and friends before the bombing day. However Susan had been in her cabin for months working on her sequel than to pay attention to what was going on. She was alone and more than eight hour drive to any of her friends. She decided to stay with her characters the only people (in her head) that appreciated her for who she was their creator. She knew that if she drove the eight hours her friend would only want her to waste her money. Then she thought what if this was all just a joke. . . she wasn’t going to risk such an act. She sat in her comfy chair most of the morning reading some of her favorite stories with her favorite flavored coffee raspberry mocha. Then she made lunch as if it was just any day, and sat at her computer. She didn’t turn on the Internet instead she started to write. She did this for hour filling the screen full of description, conflict, and crazy characters. She wrote about being in a party with all of her characters and how she was the guest of honor. They wined and dined, danced and laughed, until she could not see the screen anymore. She got up for a moment, went to the bathroom, got a soda for the caffeine boost and finished her speech. She reread it once before she hit the pillow.

Note: If you use the title or lyrics, please give the musician credit and footnotes at the bottom.

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