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ASL Ice Bucket Challenge

Many are hearing that there is an online challenge out there. . . the ice bucket challenge. Yes, I did the ice bucket challenge. . .  for those who are not sure what it is about. . . I will tell you.

It’s a challenge to bring in the awareness of “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” The medicial term is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It a very harsh and paralyzing disease. They are doing all they can to scienifically put an end to this disease. . . However they need your help. They need us to get the information out there and to donate.            This where the challenge comes in. If you are nominated you have 24 hours to take the challenge and nominate other people or pay one 100 dollars. (Remember all donation goes to research, medicine, and new ways to treat and/or delete this paralyzing disease.)

The challenge is simple mix some (or a lot) of ice in a bucket with some water and dump it over your head. It’s a cold, refreshing, or shocking moment. . . and be sure to tape this moment and post it on or or both. You should to say who nominated you, and who you are nominating in the video as well. (I would also suggest have your online friends, fans, and family to check out the website. . . It gives great information about Lou Gehrig’s Disease and where to donate.)

If you have many fans. . . I would also offer to have fans donated so much and then give them what they want to see you wet, cold, and possibly with a bucket on your head.

In fact, I challenge anyone who is reading this who has not done it yet to get out there and either donate or get yourself wet with ice water. . . or both.

You can see all of Ice Bucket challenges I am linked to here. . .
028 030


On a side note: Some celebrities I would like to see take the challenge. . .

Jensen Ackles

Angelina Jolie

Johnny Depp

Arianna Grande

Nicolas Cage

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