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A Stroke Of Luck (Bud’s Diner) By Desiree DeOrto. Review

I’ve always wanted to go to one of the diners in the middle of nowhere and see if any of these things are true. Do you get the old wise man who gives advice whether you want it or not? Do you have regulars who tell the same old story every day? Do waitresses just find love from dark, mysterious travelers? I also like the stories where the owner had the diner in their family for generations or how the diner had seen births and death. The owner, Bud, always had talked about his wife as if she was still there arguing with them and washing the counters.


There is so much in this story . . . so many lessons.

It’s about finding love and taking chances. I feel that it’s about confidence and encouragement. Everyone needs to let go of their fears, and just give life a chance.

It created a fantasy of art and beauty through the power of self-assurance and love. The true lesson is that Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder.

I also noticed that this story also demonstrated the power of the “gut feeling. . .” How we need to trust our gut and our heart. They usually lead us down the most bumpy but best path we can be on.

You cannot hide or run from your past . . . you need to embrace it. Your past has made you who you are today.

I really enjoy stories like this, because it makes my muses fantasize again.

If I had to rate this book from 1-5 pages. . . I give this 4 pages. I would just want a bit more about the art what did his previous art look like, and more about the relationship between him and his ex-wife. Overall, I really liked the story.

NOTE: This story is rated mature as it does have adult theme.


My favorite lines are. . .

“She was so sweet you’d get a tooth ache talking to her.”

“ “Beauty is when you’ve seen the most despicable things that life has to offer, and yet you still have a reason to smile.””

I also enjoyed the phrase “perfectly flawed”. I knew it’s an oxymoron, but that is why I like it.


DeOrto, Desiree (2013-07-14). A Stroke Of Luck (Bud’s Diner) (Kindle Location 227, 366-367, 550). . Kindle Edition.

You can check it out here. . .


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  1. I loved this review. I know that I want this book from the quotes you pulled out, and you further honored the writer by the sensitivity of your depiction.

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