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Good Bye Armand

I still have no seen my cat, and it has been over two weeks. However this is what I think happened:

The story of Armand. . .

I believed that Armand was sitting on the sidewalk. . . being biosterious. . . when all of sudden a Hollywood agent (in Ohio visiting his mother), heard Armand. He called to Armand, and of course he came, because he loves attention. The guy had his mom feed Armand with her six other talentless cats; they were the fat and lazy kind. Then the guy took him to Hollywood, and now Armand sings the Meow-mix jingle. I hope that he is having fun, is loud, and is fiesty where ever he is. . . I miss you Armand.

023 Armand art Armand

Comments on: "Good Bye Armand" (2)

  1. I pray that the God who protects kitties bring your Armand back to you safe and full of sound.

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