In the mind of a Writer

Write, Write and Rewrite

Write, Write, and Rewrite


I write the first time for myself; as I have said many times, my first time is my therapy.  Draft A is always for me. Draft C-Z is for the world. Draft B is all work. (Sometimes drafts C-Y are all work too). By the way, draft Z will always be different than draft A.

Writing is the creative, artistic, enjoyable part for me. It’s the editing and sometimes the rewriting that is really work for me. It doesn’t matter if I am writing a blog, an essay, a short story, a novella, script, or a novel, there is always an editing/rewrite process. (I hate this process!)

I will even make sure my work is edited before I send it to most beta readers. . . however I suck at editing my own work. I’m known for skipping words, ideas, run-on sentences, and mixed up the tenses of my verbs.

The most times I’ve ever had to rewrite a scene was over 15. My script-writing professor had me change this scene back and forth, because she wasn’t sure which way the scene made the most impact. (I think I ended up asking a few of my fellow writing students for advice.)

I have rewritten a scene several times only to have deleted from the updated draft of the manuscript as well. At first, I was frustrated that I used that much time on that scene only to delete it, but looking back I take it as lesson learned. I learned that if the scene doesn’t help the storyline or character development, don’t focus on it right away. It helps me to determine which scenes stay in the final draft and which get deleted.


I am only saying this for other writer’s out there. There is no such thing as having your writing perfect all of the time. There will be a time where you will have to edit/rewrite something. It is part of the writing process. If you have money (or friend that edit), you can get someone else to edit for you. However most of us, writers have to write, edit, and rewrite.

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