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Writer’s Block Exercise

I’ve had writer’s block lately . . . I’ve had a lot going on: family issues and trying to find a new house etc. I have just been completely creatively blocked. I have worked on a few things to help me break this block.
I play RPG (Role-play games) with a seven set of dice. (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and percent You can get set of die at your local hobby store or on online stores like You can play pay from a few dollars to twenty dollars for a set or a pound of dices.)
I made random lists of twenty. Examples: Characters, Heroes, Villains, Locations, Super Powers, Conflicts, Strengths, Weakness. Etc.
I roll the dice, then I write. . . the dice makes all of the decisions for me. (You can make it as simple or as complicated at you want.)
List of Lists (Different amounts could use different types of dice.)

1. People (Actors, Artists, Occupations, family etc)
2. Characters (TV, Books, movies)
3. Locations
4. Furniture
5. Transportation
6. Stores
7. Appliances
8. Electronics
9. Rooms
10. Facial Feasures
11. Colors
12. Hair Styles
13. Random things/items
14. Heroes/Allies
15. Enemies/Villains
16. Conflicts/problems
17. Beginning scenarios
18. Middle Twists
19. Endings
20. weapons
21. ways to kill your characters
22. Alternatives lives
23. reasons for a party
24. reasons for sex
25. reasons for a meeting
26. daily schedule
27. Jobs
28. chances (good/bad)
29. What if scenarios
30. Foods

Some of my Lists . . . . (Creating your own lists can help the creative juices to flow. However if you cannot come up with ideas of your own. Here are a few lists of mine that you can use for exercises to motivate your muses.)

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