In the mind of a Writer

A Writer’s confession


It’s interesting that I am a writer. (Well, actually I’m a story-teller that writes for future generations to read.)

Growing up, English class and I had a complicated love/hate relationship. I loved to tell stories and write, and because I did I was in the accelerated (gifted) classes. I’ll be honest; I hated to read out loud. I was always afraid of stumbling over my words or mispronouncing something. This made silent reading complicated.  I read slower than most of the advance class and my fear of making a mistake made me taken back by my reading. I read only what I was supposed to read. I should have read more.


When I met my boyfriend Tom he was really well-read. I had taken enough advanced classes to keep up with him, but he really blew me away. We both had a love for horror: paranormal/occult. We both loved vampires. He got me into vampire novels (not Twilight, but that is another blog.)
We decided to read novels together out loud. I was very hesitant at first, but he really encouraged me. He taught me how to laugh at my mistakes, and how to correct them. He helped me with my struggle with pronouncing.  I wish I had met Tom as a kid, because maybe I would have read more.


If you are young, and you want to be a writer, make sure you read. (Find genre you enjoy, and read as much as you can.)


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