In the mind of a Writer

My muses have been on vacation and this writer’s block has just really gotten to me. I know when I have writer’s block, I really do rely on prompts. Well, here are few prompts . . . maybe they can help someone get out of their writing slump.




  1. Worst Birthday ever (can be real or fictional)
  2. You were bit. . . now what? (You must say what you were bit by and what happens next)
  3. Death by boredom
  4. Seeing your favorite band
  5. List 5 things you believe in
  6. Describe how you dance (even if it is just in the kitchen when you cook or in the shower)
  7. Make a soundtrack for your life right now
  8. Describe your favorite season without tell anyone what it is
  9. An average day
  10. What would your ideal world be like?

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