In the mind of a Writer

Here are some of the requests that I have gotten.

 Why I want beta readers?

I am very passion about horror writing: especially vampires, ghosts, and urban legends. I really hope to get my vampire series mainstream published. This is just book one. I have the other seven books outlined.

I’m seeking beta readers because I want to know to if my characters are believable, likable and if the story is interesting enough. I really would like to know your thoughts.


How long do I have to reader and give feedback?

 The time line to read and give feedback is June 20th to September 1st (2013).
I have seen several writer’s give a reader just a month for feedback. However I understand that the summer catches up with us: vacations or work. It can be hard to find to read a book in everyone’s hectic schedule. I thought by giving ten weeks that it would more than enough time to read.
If you have received the book after June 20th, I would still greatly appreciate to get feedback by September. I will have posts and reminders in August.


I have gotten several requests to give questions/guidelines in what I want out of the beta readers.


What am I supposed to be looking for while reading?

First of all, I just want you to know I am just posting these questions and ideas for guidelines. Over all, I know to you if saw this book on a book shelf or heard about if from a friend if you would pick it up and read it. I also would like to know if this book would be something that you would tell your friends about it. 


Things to possibly look for. . .


Are the obstacles achievable?

Is it provoking?

Did it make you want to turn the page?

Is it constant?

Are there any pieces that just don’t make sense?
Does the story flow? Is the story interesting?



Are they realistic?

Are they likable?

What did you like about the characters?

What did you dislike?

Are there any inconsistencies with the characters?

How do you think I could improve on the characters?



What did you find interesting?

Was there something boring?

What would you add or change to add more excitement to the story?



Are there any good twists in my story?

Is my story flat?


Grammar (I understand is main issue with writing; However, I do not want to the only feedback to be about grammar issues. If you are interested in helping after September. I am seeking editors to help me with the find points of my grammar.)

Are there any spelling errors?

Any issues you feel I need to address?



Is there something that I repeat too much?

Is there something I need to emphasis?

Are there any format problems?

Is it hard to read?

How would you rate the book 1 worst book ever to 5 best book ever read? Why?


I appreciate and will consider all of your feedback when I reedit the book in September. Again I want to say thank you for time and thoughts.



Comments on: "Guidelines for Beta Readers with my book" (2)

  1. Hi Rebekah, I am also have a paranormal series with vampires and ghosts. I wouldn’t consider it horror though. More paranormal with humor. I would be interested in reading your book and give you my opinion. Would you be interested in reading mine. I’m doing the final read through on the third book in The Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series.

    I like how you posed your questions for the readers. Those are the same points I need opinions on as well, and I would be willing to read yours and give you my thoughts. Please let me know. You can check out my books at Or email me at Thanks. Mary E. Merrell

  2. Mary, I sent you a copy of Melzela. I hope you enjoy the book.
    I would consider this book as horror, because vampire’s drink blood and kill humans/animals. I would always consider something higher than me (on the food chain) horror. LOL
    If you have a pdf version of your story, I would be honored to read it and tell you what I think. (My question is how much of the story am I missing by reading the third book or did you want me to look at the paranormal aspect of it?

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