In the mind of a Writer

Distractions and Feedback

I am so overwhelmed. My brains are fried. I haven’t worked on my editing for almost two weeks. This is driving me crazy. I need to sit down, grab my red pen, and just start editing. I want at least one of my projects done by the end of May.

However I am so easily distracted: I have the Internet right now, which makes it so much easier to get on facebook, play games, work on blogs, and chat. My Sims distracts me, because I would rather play than edit. My friends and family have been pulling me in different directions, because they need me to help with this or that. I try to schedule my edit time and something always comes up or my head believes I am just tired. I think I just don’t like editing. I know it needs to be done.
Writing doesn’t feel like work, but editing sure does!

I am a storyteller, then a writer. I’m not an editor. I just know that my grammar is horrible and my head works faster than my hands.

I have been posting my book “The Whispering Path,” for free (until April 18th which is Thursday.)
“The Whispering Path.” By Rebekah Wolveire
Is free for the next week (with coupon code)
Your coupon code is AT84H (not case-sensitive).
 Expires April 18, 2013.

I am looking feedback. I know my grammar is crazy. I try not to have on-going sentences. However my biggest problem is that I usually leave a word out here or there, because my story plays really fast in my head. Then I go to reread my work and my brain puts the word in even though it’s not there.
I am looking for feedback about the story. Are my characters not realistic? Do you like my character(s)? Is the story too long, too short? Do you get lost or confused at parts? Is there too much fat in my book? Can you see that is a paranormal thriller?
I need feedback, real feedback.

I’m distraught that I have over 100 downloads, and yet not one has giving me any feedback. Does anyone else seem to have this problem?

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