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It is just about half time with NaNoWriMo. I have been writing two projects and I am trying to 50 k in both. (100K words together)

My vampire novel book1 of a seven book series Crimson Shadow Collection: Melzela: This is about a group of 75 vampire or so all got started. This is the story of the first vampire Melzela and her search for love and all the life lessons along the way. Total word count so far: 25,714 words
My suspense/ thriller murder story Driving Lies: It about a twisted man way of getting revenge using car accidents as his weapon. If he can have his way; they’re all gonna pay! Total word count so far: 23,402 words

Both projects total 49,116 (I am 884 away from 50K, half way.)

I took a day off, so I didn’t make my brain smell like burnt bacon. I took a break to day and went out, had some Subway. We also got some early Christmas shopping done.

I can’t believe how easy these books have come to me. (*Knock on wood* that the second half of NaNoWriMo is as easy as the first half).
Please let me explain about these projects. . . The novel, Melzela, I have been working on since 2008-2009 and I have so many notes that it feels like it just flows out of my head. It has been on the back burner and been stewing that the story has been screaming to come onto screen. (My muses yell at me for not writing it sooner.)
The novel, Driving Lies, was originally a movie script that I worked on in high school. I started it last year in NaNoWriMo, I got 50k, but I stopped halfway to edit another book. The story itself just to seem to haunt my brain until I did something about. I just let the characters drive my writing and they have giving me a few twists, but they have done really well so far.

My goals for tomorrow is at least 2k each.
Driving Lies total after tomorrow: 27k
Melzela total after tomorrow: 25k

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  1. Hey my name is June and I’m a researcher and this site really aided me. I’m inspired! Thanks!

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