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My 2012 NaNoWriMo Projects

 It is almost that time again. . . the time where I forget most of the world and work constantly on my writing projects. This time is known a NaNoWriMo. . . National Novel Writing Month. I’m excited as I have been waiting all year to lock myself up for several hours a day doing sprint after word sprint slowly allowing my story to come together.
I love it when my characters and my muses just agree, and I just allow the story to come to life. I appreciate my boyfriend being so patient with me during all of this and now this year he has idea and wants to work too. (Now I realized I will have to share the computer, so I will have to really schedule myself and use all the time I have with the computer very wisely.)

I am nervous and excited; I have to challenge myself to keep my writing with so many hours and I gave myself two projects. I am rebelling on both as I have already started writing on both, but I know I can get 50K on each project.

Project 1: Driving Lies, a thrilling novel I started last year about a murderer who kills off a family that ruined his life. I have about five chapters in Part 2 to finish and all of Part 3. However my outline from last year is so precise that I should be able to just dive into the deep end and start writing. (It started a movie script I wrote in high school.)

Project 2: The Crimson Shadow Collection: Melzela, is book one of seven in my vampire series. I have a huge story-line about a family of about 75 vampires. I feel you need to bring the horror, seduction, and the power back into the children of the night. (I have been working on this idea from the character sketches, outlines, and family trees since before the first Twilight movie has come out. I feel that NaNoWriMo is going to be that push to get at least one of the book finished. I wanted this book from page 1 to end on my computer before Dec 31, 2012 and if I play my cards right I will get it done a month early.)


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  1. I hate the thought. I will probably write a YA novel about my son trying to tamper with the timeline to try to stop the marriage from falling apart.

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