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Currently until Saturday September 1st my e-novel “The Whispering Path” is FREE. Yes, I said FREE!

Please read and write a review. I would love to know what everyone thinks.

There are some interviews and spotlights where you can find out more about me.

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Crimson Flower Review

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Comments on: "“The Whispering Path” By Rebekah Wolveire" (3)

  1. anonymous said:

    You may not want to hear this but I feel like someone should tell you. This book is just wrought with simple spelling and grammatical errors. There are grammar mistakes in the dedication, in the prologue and here is an excerpt from the first page with some obvious mistakes marked..

    “She did well in school, but was because she was well read. She loved to read; it was her escape from her hectic families pulling her different and demanding directions. Everyone in her family knew there purpose from young ages and this made Lucy just feel just that much more excluded.
    Lucy’s father knew he wanted to work in engineering ever since he touched his first model engine on of his space models.”

    • anonymous said:

      Not wrought, fraught. I used a word wrong in a post about grammatical errors. 🙂 My point is if you can’t get mistakes like that cleaned up, no one is going to get through the entire book.

    • I have a challenge to the anonymous person if they wanted to message me at I will give you a chance to help me get all the errors out of my book and I will give you credit.
      I appreciate the honest criticism. I have two bad habits:
      1. My fingers cannot keep up with my brain and I miss words. I am thinking of eventually getting a mircophone and just reciting my story to my computer.
      2. I read and reread my story and my brain automatically corrects my missing words and sentence errors. It makes it really hard to edit this way. I try to read it out loud as much as possible. I catch more errors that way.

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