In the mind of a Writer

Last Minute Nerves

It is May 29, 2012 just two days away from when I want to be able to piece together Tom’s version of my book so I can buy the proof and then change it a week later, get my proof and then my five free copies.
I am sitting here just overwhelmed, because I keep hearing people say
“I am getting published by the (fill in the blank) company.””
“I just release my millionth book . . .  it’s better than my first 999,999 other books, because it’s the millionth book.  It’s really the same story, but now told by the computer’s view.” LOL.

I just want to know: Are they the same people who came write a book in a month and then edit the next month? What kind of quality are their books really? Are the big publishers interested or are only the small publishers and self publishers pushing these books?
How do I get into the big leagues?

Anyone can tell a story, but not just anyone can write a book . . . it takes time, determination and a good support team when you get rejected.  I heard many different versions of that quote all of my life.

Then I was told you need money to create a book. I knew that main publishers charge you for editing and promoting services, but they usually take it out of their cut of the royalties. (If you get a bad contract, they can take a bigger cut than you expect.) However I there have been so many people pushing me to get professional editor. I have seen editor price by the hour, the page or even the word. The cheapest editor I have seen was 1.50 per page if I had my measure my pages it’s around 500 pages 6×9 or 200 pages, a standard computer page. So prices could be from possibly 300 to 750 dollars. (I take care of my disabled boyfriend, so I don’t have time to get a job.)

My book last word count was 160k so even at 1.5 cent per word it would be $2,400 to edit that. If I paid that much for editing it better go on New York Top Seller list on the first week.

I had someone look at part of my book for free and I was thrilled. However yesterday I got a page and half letter back yesterday (which nice to know someone puts the time to read a part of my book and can still have that much to say about it.) I just felt like was a letter “your family would like it, but . . . the huge but. . . it’s not dark enough, the ghosts are lame, there flow isn’t there, the grammar still isn’t writeß haha, I meant right, your voice is off, (fill in your excuse here) etc.

She did love my prologue, just was a huge relief.

I just keep asking: “When will my book be good enough to publish?”


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