In the mind of a Writer

Editing update

I currently have four chapters (about 30-40 pages) left of editing “The Whispering Path.”

I have to buy a proof for Tom (my boyfriend) , but this time I want to make sure he gets the credit for taking the picture of my neighbor’s yard. I also want to give my neighbor credit for using her yard.

Then I have to get another proof my way of all of the changes I made. Then I get my five free copies: one I give my mom and another one to my neighbor. Then I will have three copies left.

I want really want to get published by a mainstream publisher, but I need to find a good agent/editor and find away to pay them or do all of the work myself. Next month I think I will post on . . I need to look into what kind of rights they have and how you get paid. (I basically want to know if I can take my book off amazon, if I get a mainstream publisher.)

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